The #1 Ingredient an Energy Healer Says to Stop Eating to Be Healthy

Do you overthink everything? Have you fallen into a pattern of negative internal dialogue? If you've been neglecting your feelings, then it might be time to take your "emotional temperature" (these five questions will help you find out). When ignored for too long—and without practicing daily self-care—these molehills can quickly turn into mountains that will sabotage your health and happiness. So how do you take better care of yourself and get a handle on negative thinking before it spirals out of control?

First of all, we know the struggle is real when it comes to being kinder to yourself, but the reality is you are what you think. According to the holistic health practitioner, energy healer, medical intuitive, and Maty's Healthy Products founder Carolyn Harrington, our words truly do have the power to write our health story, impacting the way we feel and the way we heal. "If we allow negative emotions to interrupt our energy flow, we are unable to self-care and treat the root of the illness/disease, and instead often overmedicate ourselves," she told MyDomaine. Harrington believes we have the power to manifest healing through thinking, and in this interview, she talks us through some simple rituals you can do to self-heal, and stop negative thinking for good.

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MYDOMAINE: The fast pace of our modern lives means we're often compromising our health for getting the work done, at all cost. What are some simple daily habits we can get into that will help the modern professional woman improve her health?

CAROLYN HARRINGTON: There are a few things that have really helped me. Firstly, take some time each morning for yourself. Before I rush off to start a hectic day at work, I sit down and think of all the things I feel grateful for in my life. It helps to raise my vibration each morning and allows me to start my day on a good note. Secondly, don't sweat the small stuff. If something upsetting does happen or if you are put in a stressful situation, just relax, and know in your heart that this too shall pass. Have you ever had a bad situation remain that way forever? We all get past situations eventually. Know in yourself that you too will get past this. Don't let it overwhelm you.

Thirdly, take time throughout the day to stare at a blank wall for at least 10 minutes. Let the thoughts that enter your mind just fade away. I think we're constantly bombarded with so much information; it really gets overwhelming. By staring at a blank wall and letting the thoughts go, it not only calms you down but helps you focus on what's really important. It detoxes the brain and releases those thoughts that aren't important.

MD: You're a big supporter of the philosophy you are what you think; can you elaborate on this concept and explain how we can dispel negative thinking to create an improved sense of self?

CH: I believe we're all born with everything we need to accomplish everything we want. The only difference between one person and another is their environment, which has informed them over time what's possible and what's not. From what we watch on TV to what our family, friends, and society have told us, all of our experiences shape what we believe is possible.

One of my favorite ways to dispel limiting thoughts is through tapping, also known as the emotional freedom technique (EFT). In those times when you feel like you can't do something, it's because you have an emotional block that's convincing you otherwise. By tapping on that negative feeling (and any other emotions that come up), it can help to remove them. Another thing I do is journaling and writing things down that I want to accomplish. Focus on what you do want, and start attracting it into your life.

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MD: How can we self-heal and renew our energy at home without using modern medicine? What are some simple self-care practices we can do?

CH: Don't panic if you do get sick. So many times, people run to a doctor's office at the first sign of a sniffle. That's not to say don't ever go to the doctor, but our bodies have wonderful healing capabilities. They know how to heal. I always say our immune system is like a muscle. It needs to be exercised in order to become stronger and able to battle the more powerful invaders in our system. So let the small sniffles go. 

One thing that helps is removing all sugar from your diet when you get sick. Eat clean, simple food that is easy to digest. The extra resources our body uses to digest heavy, processed food should be used to fight off the sickness. So keep it light and clean, and no sugar. Another thing you can do is put three drops of hydrogen peroxide in each ear (and do it throughout the day) at the first sign of a cold or flu. This will shorten its duration.

MD: How can we prevent negative emotions from interrupting our energy flow?

CH: This can be tricky sometimes because we're not always aware that a negative emotion is affecting us. We first have to see it in ourselves. I know in my family we tend to keep each other in check. It helps quite a bit because there are many times others will see it in us well before we see it in ourselves. Once we do realize it, then you can tap your way out of negative emotion. There are also other ways to do this with acupuncture, flower essences, just about any energy healing technique will deal with negative emotions. It just depends on which practice feels right for you at that time. Tapping is one that you can easily do at any time, so that's one of my favorites.

MD: What are some techniques you recommend that will help to naturally heal? 

CH: Seeking out a good nutritionist who is educated on modern and natural healing, tapping, flower essences, and exercise. There is no magic bullet, it is a lifestyle change that incorporates a self-heal mentality. If you know you can heal, you would seek out different things to help, which includes finding the right healer to help you. If you don't think you have the capability to heal, you will seek others to heal you. There is a subtle difference between having someone heal you and having someone help you heal. 

MD: What are some self-care rituals for anxiety?

CH: Tapping, flower essences, meditation and mindfulness, journaling, and speaking mantras. I know a woman who uses the mantra, peace, love, and happiness every time she feels anxious, and it calms her down quite a bit.

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MD: What are some self-care rituals for fatigue?

CH: Diet change helps and finding out if you have any food sensitivities. Also, taking the time to rejuvenate with mindfulness. Exercise is key. Get the blood and oxygen flowing throughout your body.

MD: What is something we should never do when it comes to our health/energy? 

CH: Don't eat sugar. It's not only bad for our health but it disrupts your energy. There are so many things that can block and inhibit our energy. Negative emotions block our energy, the things we eat like sugar disrupt our energy, chemicals, and toxins disrupt our energy. Then there's anything we are sensitive to that also disrupts our energy. Radiation or EMFs disrupt our energy. The list is endless.

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