How to Master the Biggest New Trend in Bridal Showers

These days when it comes to wedding planning, anything goes. The modern bride knows that the key to a memorable reception is personalization, and gone are the hard-and-fast cookie-cutter rules of the past. More and more brides are walking down the aisle with both parents, outfitting their bridesmaids in different dresses, and serving pies, cookies, or ice cream sandwiches for dessert instead of cake. But the recipe for a wedding isn’t the only thing that’s being rewritten: The traditional concept of a bridal shower is getting shaken up as well.

The latest trend that has taken the wedding world by storm? The couples shower. Customarily a bridal shower is a female-only event in which the bride is showered with gifts. But many brides find the idea of opening gifts—that they have registered for—in front of their loved ones to be a bit dated. Enter the couple’s shower, an event that celebrates both of those betrothed, together. Interested in learning how to plan one? Read on.