How to Throw a Holiday Party Like Fashion Designer Anine Bing

Anine Bing entertaining tips

Photo: Ashlyn Krudansky

When it comes time to host an effortlessly brilliant holiday fête, who better to turn to for inspiration than L.A.-based fashion designer Anine Bing. Her gorgeous Spanish-style home is so welcoming that it seems as though it was built for entertaining. If you're wondering how to pull off a holiday party like this tastemaker, it's no easy feat. It takes thoughtful planning and a village of people to make a perfect evening run smoothly. To help us out, Bing took us through the hours leading up to the main event. See exactly what she was up to the night before and the day of one of her holiday soirées.

Meet the Expert

Anine Bing is a noteworthy fashion designer whose pieces are inspired by Scandinavian simplicity and American energy. She has multiple boutiques in six countries in three different continents.

Feeling inspired to throw your own sophisticated soirée? Keep reading for some fail-proof tips from the expert herself.

8 p.m. the Night Before

anine bing
Photo: Ashlyn Krudansky

Slip into my silk Anine Bing PJs (I live in these). Put on a face mask to prep my skin to be party-ready. I like Equal Beauty Moisture Veil because they have ear loops that wrap around, so you can move around and do things without the mask sliding down or off. I paint my nails, brush my teeth, and check emails one more time before getting into bed. I try to go to bed as early as possible the night before a big party!

6 a.m.

anine bing with her tree
Photo: Ashlyn Krudansky

Wake up, throw together a kale and banana smoothie in the blender, make coffee, get ready (10 mins for me), and take the kids to school. It's going to be a busy 24 hours, so I'm trying to get my greens in.

9 a.m.

anine bing with glittery bottles
Photo: Ashlyn Krudansky

Meet with my creative team to go over the final plan for the party. We test out the edible glitter we're adding to the vintage champagne coupes that I've been collecting for years for a special touch since we've decided to only do champagne and wine. The party has a starry night theme, so everything is about sparkle, and these glittery bottles from One Hope Wine are making me want to start the party at 9 in the morning.

Glitter is back in a big way right now, but it feels less costume-y and more edgy and rock 'n roll. I'm inspired by David Bowie and Pat McGrath—she's one of my favorite makeup artists, and she's really brought sparkle mainstream in a cool way. The glitter eyes she did for the British Vogue cover with editor-in-chief Edward Enninful was part of our inspiration for this party.

10 a.m.

anine bing with the tree
Photo: Ashlyn Krudansky

I run through the party's final layout at the house with our insanely amazing event designer, Royale Ziegler of But First Party. She has worked with me on several parties and just gets the vibe perfectly every time. We work on decorating the tree together before things get busier.

11 a.m.

Photo: Ashlyn Krudansky

Royale and I start placing Swedish candy from Sockerbit in an eclectic mix of vintage bowls and dishes throughout the space. It's the best Swedish candy, and I serve it anytime I have guests over. I love the idea of doing something for guests over and over so that it feels like your own little personal touch that's unique to your hosting. This naturally became my special thing I do for guests at big or small parties. It's gummy and hard candy, which is great because it won't get stale, so it's nice that we knock this part out early. We're also giving away boxes of this as a to-go party favor.

12 p.m.

food spreads
Photo: Anna Maria Zunino Noellert

Break for lunch—avocado toast and a latte; need the fuel. Check emails and catch up on Instagram and go over the next few hours with my creative and PR directors.

1 p.m.

greenery for the holidays
Photo: Ashlyn Krudansky

I greet Wild Flora, who came to decorate the mantle above the fireplace and staircase banister with greenery. We're not doing too many flower accents for this party. I think there's a fantastic way to incorporate holiday greenery without it being too cliché or expected, so we're using different types of greens and eucalyptus to give it a fresh take versus overly traditional. I'm in love with the result. Plus, my house smells amazing!

2–3 p.m.

holiday greenery
Photo: Anna Maria Zunino Noellert

Check emails and sneak in some work while walking around the house with Royale to look over the setup. I like to do more than one once-over of the different spaces because it's so easy to miss something, even with an amazing team and lots of prep.

3 p.m.

goodie bags
Photo: Ashlyn Krudansky

Help set up the gifting suite with Royale. We’re giving everyone a Bobbi Brown highlighting compact (since the party’s all about that sparkling glow) along with pieces from our new lingerie collection. (We got everyone’s sizes in advance, so everything fits!)

4 p.m.

anine getting her makeup done
Photo: Ashlyn Krudansky

Time to head upstairs to get ready. The Bobbi Brown team is part of the party, doing touch-ups on guests, and they’re doing my makeup beforehand. I'm excited about a sparkling eye look.

5 p.m.

anine and her daughter
Anna Maria Zunino Noellert

Spend a little time with my daughter Bianca before her bedtime, and before the party begins in the next hour.

5:15 p.m.

anine bing
Photo: Anna Maria Zunino Noellert

Our finger food by Haute Chefs arrived while I was getting ready—they've done events for us before and always leave a crowd happy. They're doing petit avocado toasts, mini chicken tacos, quinoa cake with orange blossom whipped goat cheese, truffle arancini, and Jen Coman from the team is setting up the most unreal cheese and charcuterie station. It's so rustic—like an Old World feast. With the whole pomegranates, it's a stunning sight.

5:30 p.m.

the dj at the party
Photo: Anna Maria Zunino Noellert

Our amazing DJ and my good friend Nikki Pennie is setting up equipment by the pool. She'll be playing a mix of old-school dance tunes and holiday music that’s party-worthy. The pre-party excitement officially kicks in when the music starts playing throughout the house.

5:35 p.m.

Photo: Anna Maria Zunino Noellert

It's the final countdown! The Yes Way Rosé team dropped by already with the bottles, One Hope Champagne is poured into the vintage coupes, and with the help of Royale's eagle eye, things are looking so good. The final detail Royale and I do together is pop sparkly moon and star toppers into the delicious cupcakes from Sprinkles.

5:45 p.m.

woman getting tattooed
Photo: Anna Maria Zunino Noellert

Daniel Winter is set up for his tattoo station in the living room downstairs. Here he is giving my dear friend Rebecca Dane a new little tat. I resist the temptation to add another one to my mix (he just did two new ones last week), and I'm so excited about our Tarot Card Reader Kaitlyn—because who doesn't love to hear about their future with a glass of bubbly?

Parties are obviously amazing if you have good ambiance, good food and drinks, and most of all good people. But it doesn't hurt to throw in a little playful element to the event. We have lots of little nooks and crannies that guests will stumble upon: an interactive photo booth, a tarot card reader, makeup touch-ups, and more. It's just nice to offer a little something; it doesn't have to be over the top—even a DIY photo station with a Polaroid and a few fun props if you don't have the budget for a professional photo booth. Something to make the party that much more memorable and even something guests get to leave with.

6 p.m.

anine bing
Photo: Anna Maria Zunino Noellert

Guests will be arriving any minute! Tunes are on, candles are lit, lights are sparkling, and I'm ready to relax. Royale, my Anine Bing team, and I make a quick toast and then bring a glass of rosé and some candy to Nikki, Daniel, Kaitlyn, and the Bobbi Brown team. It's party time!

6:30 p.m.

anine bing in a photo booth
Photo: Anna Maria Zunino Noellert

My friend Chriselle and I hop into the photo booth for a little winter wonderland fun. This was definitely a hit of the night. The team at Bosco customized a gif setup where it looked like it was snowing—so simple, but so cute and entertaining.

10 p.m.

tarot reading
Photo: Anna Maria Zunino Noellert

The very last thing I do after every guest has gone home is get my own fortune read by the tarot card reader, Kaitlyn. After such a fun, lively evening with people I love, it’s nice to have a quiet little intimate moment to focus on what lies ahead! A magical close to the evening.

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