This Is Exactly How to Travel Like You're Wealthy (Even If You're Not)

Updated 08/16/17

Who hasn't dreamed of hopping on a private jet to enjoy the most luxurious getaway that money can buy? Though it's been scientifically proven that financial wealth isn't necessarily the secret to unlocking happiness, it certainly never hurts to manifest our vacation fantasies. For those of us without an unlimited travel budget, there are still ways to live like a first-class flyer—even if you don't have an endless supply of cash. New York–based globe-trotter Melissa Biggs Bradley, the founder of membership-based luxury travel club Indagare, recently spilled some of her best five-star tips to The Chicago Tribune.

The best part? You don't need to be a millionaire to follow these genius travel hacks:

Avoid jet lag by passing on airplane meals. "I've talked to a lot of stewardesses about it, and it's a stewardess secret," Bradley reveals. One stewardess on a 17-hour flight "told me that her tried-and-true trick was not eating in-flight. Basically, at superhigh altitude, your digestive system shuts down completely. … So when you get off the plane, everything restarts and [your digestive system] has so much more work to do and so it makes you more tired." Instead, Bradley recommends eating a few hours before boarding, then drinking a ton of water throughout the flight.

Always bring probiotics, no matter your destination. After feeling sick following a dinner in Delhi, India, Bradley popped several probiotic pills given to her by a friend, "and the queasy feeling was instantly cured," she says. "Ever since then, I take them daily whenever I'm traveling anyplace. … I also take Pepto-Bismol pills. The probiotics build up healthy bacteria in your gut and the Pepto-Bismol acts as a prophylactic that coats your digestive track [sic] like a protective sleeve and can help filter out organisms in contaminated water or food."

Stay connected everywhere you go. For those who absolutely can't live without Wi-Fi (or, worse, put up with a molasses-slow internet connection), Bradley suggests getting a Skyroam mobile hotspot device. "You pay $10 per day and it doesn't matter how much data you use in those 24 hours, whether your kids download three movies or use Instagram, which takes up so much data," she says. In addition to avoiding hotel or airport Wi-Fi usage charges, the device allows five people to use the connection—but she recommends checking to see if your destination city is on its coverage list, as service isn't available in every country.

Read the full story at The Chicago Tribune for more tricks that wealthy travelers always follow, and then share your favorite tips for flying like a first-class pro.

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