Why Home Diffusers Can Be Beneficial—and Elegant—Additions to Your Décor

Like most people, I love candles. The soft glow of the flickering light sets the mood like no other, and the fragrance fills the room for a memorable, delicious aroma. What's not to love? Well, all was grand between my collection of candles and me until one fateful FaceTime with a long-distance friend who saw an orange orb in the distance behind me. When I turned around, I discovered my candle had caught fire, and it wasn't just a large flame but a full-throttle fire. Luckily my friend coached me through the process of putting it out successfully (PSA: Never underestimate the might of a kitchen towel). After, I begrudgingly retired said candle and settled for a home diffuser instead.

And I have to say, I actually prefer home diffusers now. When you pick the right one, it can have even more transformative power to elevate a room, the aroma is more consistently distributed, and it's more low-maintenance than a candle. In fact, they can really reshape the energy of your entire space. So now that you're craving your own, learn how to use home diffusers and style them for a peaceful, chic, and good-smelling home with our guide below. Whether you want to dress up your living room with a nice scent, freshen up a small space, or try aromatherapy at your desk, you'll meet your match below.