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7 Editor-Approved Décor Items We Found for Under $100 on OfferUp

How to Use OfferUp

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Whether you're looking to furnish an entire room or you're simply in search of a few affordable accent pieces, there's an app for that. Rather than go yard sale hunting or thrift store shopping for gently used furniture and home décor, you can use OfferUp. If you're not familiar, this handy app is a localized mobile marketplace for home décor and it's a veritable treasure hunt for new and vintage pieces.

"Selling anything from clothes to furniture to cars is as easy as taking a photo on your phone," says Natalie Angelillo, the Vice President of Community at OfferUp. According to her, millions of items are available in OfferUp's marketplace, including furniture and décor from brands you know and love like West Elm, CB2, and Serena & Lily—just to name a few.

If you're still a little skeptical about using a marketplace app, fret not. Ahead, Angelillo breaks down her best tips and tricks for scoring seriously chic home décor pieces on OfferUp at a fraction of their original costs. Think Restoration Hardware table lamps, CB2 shelves, and West Elm coffee tables all for under $100 (yes, really). Keep reading to find out how to get the most out of the genius app and take a look at a few editor-approved finds below.

Be Descriptive

When searching for an item, Angelillo recommends being as descriptive as possible. You can easily filter your results by price and location, but you can also include brands or styles in your search. In fact, you can add the word "look" or "style" along with a brand name like "West Elm" and the app will provide you with results for products that look like that brand. You can do the same with styles like mid-century or Art Deco.

Check the App Often

"Popular items and good deals tend to go quickly," Angelillo explains. That's why you'll want to check the app frequently in order to snap up a great piece when you see it. According to Angelillo, OfferUp has 44 million daily users who spend about 20 minutes a day on the app on average. That means there's quite a bit of competition out there for unique finds.

Set Search Alerts

If you don't want to waste time endlessly searching on the app, you can simply set search alerts that will notify you when new items that match your search terms are posted. All you have to do is tap "save this search" after you type in a keyword. After that, you can sit back and wait to be notified when something you're looking for is available.

Make a Wish List

OfferUp includes a feature that allows you to create a "board" where you can save, organize, and share items you've found. This is particularly helpful if you live with a roommate or significant other since you can narrow down which pieces you like and give someone a heads up that you want to buy an item, Angelillo points out.


Once you've landed on a piece, it's time to negotiate. Sellers list their own price, but it's really more of a guideline. "If you have an idea of the item's value, you can make a counteroffer, but be fair and reasonable," Angelillo explains. Just be careful not to make too low of an offer because the seller will probably be less likely to respond, she warns.

Buy a Bundle

If you find more than one item that you want to purchase from a single seller, Angelillo suggests asking for a bundle discount. "If you can make it easier for a seller to sell multiple items and you’re willing to meet them somewhere convenient, you might be able to save some money," she notes.


Like any online marketplace, you eventually have to connect with the buyer or seller in person. While it may sound intimidating to meet up with a stranger, OfferUp includes information and ratings about the seller so you can get to know more about them. Additionally, the app has a map feature to help you and the seller find a safe public place to make your deal. If you're still not sold on the idea of meeting up in person, you can also filter the app's homepage before you start shopping to see only items that sellers are willing to ship.

Now that you know all of the insider tips for snagging the very best deals on OfferUp, it's time to start shopping. Ahead, take a look at just a few editor-approved home décor finds (all for under $100).

Start Shopping (But Be Quick)

CB2 Floating Shelves $80.00
West Elm Coffee Table $100.00
Restoration Hardware Bedside Lamp $65.00
Crate & Barrel Matching Shelves $60.00

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