How to Use Smudge Sticks to Clear the Air This Holiday Season


Courtesy of ASH NYC

In theory, the holidays are a magical time to slow down and spend quality time with family and loved ones as we prepare for the New Year. In practice, this time of year can be a lot more stressful, between tying off loose ends at work, preparing your holiday dinner party, and anticipating the encounters that bringing the extended family together can create, including, but not limited to, your uncle getting into a deep political argument with your mom, your cousin having one glass of eggnog too many, or even your sister accidentally dropping the entire turkey on the floor.

If you're feeling a little antsy about family get-togethers at your place, there is one simple ritual you can practice in just a few minutes to clear your space of any negative vibes and set good intentions for the days to come: sage smudging. To the uninitiated, this ritual may seem a little daunting, but we promise it's incredibly simple and quick. "Smudging is a Native American tradition using the energy of a plant to cleanse negative energy out of a space, person, or object," says smudging expert Michelle D'Avella of Pushing Beauty. "It's a spiritual practice of cleansing but has been adopted by many people as a way to clear out and cleanse a room." Ahead she runs us through everything we need to know about sage smudging before and after a holiday party. Ready to let those bad vibes go? Light up that sage stick today.

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