How to Use Every Last Part of Your Pumpkin

One of the saddest parts of Halloween is seeing all of our favorite pumpkins go to waste after the trick-or-treating festivities die down. In an effort to eliminate waste and extend the lives of our pumpkins beyond mere decoration, we talked to Canadian expat and Los Angeles-based private chef Corey Burgan for his expert advice. Burgan taught us how to use every part of our pumpkins—from the seeds to the stem—so that we never have to feel guilty about going on a pumpkin splurge again.

Burgan advises opting for sugar pie pumpkins, sugar pumpkins, and small orange pumpkins. “My favorite is the sugar pie,” says Corey. “They have a sweet flesh, and they’re the perfect size (about three pounds) for all basic recipes.” Scroll through for his top tips on how to use every single part of a pumpkin.