Do This One Thing and Wake Up Happier Every Day

The mood you wake up in often sets the tone for the rest of your day. If you're not a morning person, starting off on the right foot is easier said than done—especially if the snooze button is your best friend. While there's nothing a strong cup of coffee can't fix (this coffee maker alarm clock is a game changer), there are certain things you can do, both the night before and first thing in the morning, to improve your mood within the first few hours of your day. Business Insider recently rounded up all of the different ways to start your day off with a smile on your face, three of which stuck out to us in particular: 

Although I personally hit the snooze button anywhere from 3 to 5 times every morning, within a half an hour of being awake I regret it. Aside from being the main reason for my lateness, repeatedly hitting snooze actually makes you groggier. "The snooze button can do more damage than good," says asapScience. "As you fall back asleep, your body will restart the sleep cycle and enter into deeper sleep stages … instead of prepping to wake up."  

As my personal go-to, I can attest that adding a feel-good playlist of your favorite songs to your morning routine is a lifesaver. Simply pushing shuffle on your favorite Spotify playlist while getting ready can be the difference between a negative and a positive mind-set all day long. Coupled with a strong cup of coffee and a morning shower, there's nothing you can't tackle.

Although a hearty breakfast doesn't exactly fit into our jam-packed schedules, scientists have been ranting and raving over the benefits of a good breakfast for decades. From boosting your metabolism to increasing productivity at work, starting your day off with a well-balanced, nutritious breakfast will give you the fuel to start your day.

Head over to Business Insider for the full list of ways to wake up happy, and share your personal suggestions in the comments below!