Tour an Incredible 19th-Century Mansion in the Hudson Valley

There is so much to love about this 19th-century mansion. The iconic architecture is awe-inspiring, never to be replicated, with a patina only time can conceive. But beautiful structure aside, this home is remiss of the usual modern trimmings and conveniences we’ve all come to expect, such as air-conditioning and plumbing, which simply didn’t exist 200 years ago—but that’s just the way James Ivory likes it. For the past 40 years, the director has made this extraordinary home on the Hudson a place where collaborators gather to “feast, drink, argue, and make movie magic.” And yet in his rejection of modernism, a contemporary home is born. Hard to believe he bought the 19-room 1805 Federal edifice on 12 acres for about $105,000 in 1975. Designed by French architect Pierre Pharoux, the residence is brimming with trinkets, heirlooms, and furnishings from family, friends, and movie sets, catching the eye at every turn. Scroll down to see more of this stunning abode through photos by Simon Watson for T Magazine.