These 5 Eye-Opening Podcasts Will Change How You View Human Behavior

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There's no better way to pass the time while sitting in traffic, running errands, or cleaning up around the house than turning up the volume on a new podcast. No matter your interests, there's likely a podcast that takes a deep dive into just about any topic you can think of. MyDomaine recently launched our very own podcast called Second Life, a series spotlighting successful women who had the courage to make major career changes throughout their lives. You can listen to the first episode featuring the wildly influential Jen Atkin on iTunes now and subscribe to hear the stories of more inspirational women.

Along with stellar career advice, one subject that most people are eternally interested in is human behavior—why people think and act the way they do. If you're looking to gain a fresh perspective on your own behavior or insights on those around you, these are the podcasts to queue up during your daily commute, according to Business Insider.

TED Radio Hour

If you're a fan of TED Talks, you'll love this podcast, which rounds up multiple TED Talks that all focus on a common theme. You'll hear a variety of perspectives on topics ranging from mental health to religion.

Happier With Gretchen Rubin

Sisters Gretchen Rubin and Elizabeth Craft co-host this weekly podcast on all things related to happiness. You'll learn how to cultivate happiness by adopting good habits and avoiding bad ones through Rubin's own experiences and her knowledge from writing extensively about this elusive idea throughout her career.


Similar to the Freakonomics book series, this podcast analyzes topics like productivity, medicine, success, and myriad other surprising subjects. Hosted by journalist Stephen Dubner, this talk show will keep you hooked with interviews from Nobel laureates, social scientists, and entrepreneurs.

Waking Up

Allow neuroscientist and philosopher Sam Harris to talk you through your commute with conversations on cognitive science as it relates to current events. This podcast will give you a new perspective on topics like meditation, compassion, and societal tendencies. 

99% Invisible

This curious podcast addresses the issues that often go unnoticed or undiscussed—topics like how the fortune cookie came to be and why those inflatable dancing balloons can be spotted in every car sales lot. While the topics seem to be of little importance, each insight will teach you more about the intentionality of everyday life and how this is telling about human behavior.

Head to Business Insider for more podcast suggestions and check out MyDomaine's Second Life podcast below.

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