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This "Funky" Huntington Beach Home Is a Lesson In Colorful Décor

Contemporary Kitchen

Ryan Garvin; DESIGN: Erica Bryen

With a large budget and the opportunity to build a home from the ground up, the possibilities are endless. So when Jason Gonterman, a custom builder himself, turned to interior designer Erica Bryen to help him create a contemporary cool abode in Huntington Beach, California, no idea was too bold.

After the initial build, Bryen was left with the task of transforming a 5000-square foot five-bedroom, five and a half bathroom space into a modern, yet warm home fit for a family. In the end, it took $2.2 million dollars to create the cool, sophisticated house that now exists. "The style of the home is contemporary and that definitely influenced the design, which is modern, funky, with lots of color and personality," Bryen tells MyDomaine.

A departure from the quintessential beach house décor you might expect from a home located in the coastal city of Huntington Beach, Bryen had to think outside of the box in order to meet her client's needs. Starting from scratch, the home is filled with entirely new furnishings and décor, including pieces from the likes of Kelly Wearstler and Nathan Anthony.

"This project was actually very easy going," according to Bryen. "[Gonterman] gave me free rein on this entire project. Things that most people would question—Jason just let us roll with and the design came out amazing because of his willingness and trust," she continues.

Keep scrolling for a look inside the lavish home that's as comfortable as it is strikingly modern.

Modern Entryway

Ryan Garvin; DESIGN: Erica Bryen


From the start, the home oozes modern and contemporary style. In the entryway, you're immediately greeted with chic planters, modern art, and clean, straight lines. While a textured rug, natural light, and fresh botanicals make the space feel inviting.


Ryan Garvin; DESIGN: Erica Bryen 

A long white hallway is punctuated by bright hues in the form of striking wall art. "These clients loved adding pops of color throughout their home," Bryen explains.

Open Floor Plan

Ryan Garvin; DESIGN: Erica Bryen 

A strikingly modern, moody kitchen gives way to a dining room and living room that flow together thanks to an open floor plan. "I wanted to make this space unique to reflect my client's cool taste, but I also wanted it to feel comfortable for the family to use on an everyday basis," the designer notes.

Bryen also points out the marble fireplace slab as one of her greatest finds for this project. "[It] turned out to be an awesome statement piece," she says.

Formal Living Room

Ryan Garvin; DESIGN: Erica Bryen

Bryen was largely influenced by the modernity of the home's architecture and design. She was also intent on achieving Gonterman's vision of creating a space that felt more like a cozy boutique hotel than a traditional home, and this formal living room is a perfect example of how she achieved that.

"We went for more of a moody, but inviting feel throughout the home," Bryen says. "Our client wanted their home to embody all of their worldly travels and urban lifestyle that they live when they aren’t at the beach, so we went with a darker color scheme throughout," she continues. With dark paneled walls, patterned wallpaper, bold blue accents, and luxe textures, this space certainly nails the style Gonterman had in mind.

Contemporary Bedroom

Ryan Garvin; DESIGN: Erica Bryen

This space is the epitome of a contemporary bedroom. A gold globe chandelier hangs from the ceiling above a bed accented by a bold wallpaper designed by Kelly Wearstler and a modern bench from the same designer. Patterned curtains clash with the wallpaper for a cool, eclectic look. "I like the modern, clean look with straight lines, but I also like to mix in lots of funky patterns and pops of color," Bryen adds.

White Bathroom

Ryan Garvin; DESIGN: Erica Bryen 

This neutral primary bathroom is about as soothing and calm as it gets. Although the white color scheme and wooden accents appear simple, the textures and patterns found in the tile and the material used for the tub give the space a cool update. Unlike most of the other rooms in the home, a single plant offers the only pop of color in this serene escape.

The term "Primary Bathroom" is now widely used to describe the largest bathroom in the home, as it better reflects the space’s purpose. Many realtors, architects, interior designers, and the Real Estate Standards Association have recognized the potentially discriminatory connotations in the term "Master." Read more about our Diversity and Inclusion Pledge.

Indoor Outdoor Living

Ryan Garvin; DESIGN: Erica Bryen 

"The layout of this home is awesome for entertaining and embodies the indoor, outdoor lifestyle," according to Bryen. Case in point, this seamless transition from the kitchen and living room to the outdoor living spaces, including a bar, dining table, pool, and lounge chairs. It's the perfect set up for large gatherings.

Outdoor Dining Area

Ryan Garvin; DESIGN: Erica Bryen

Another dark and moody statement wall makes an appearance in this outdoor dining area featuring chairs with blue accents, a modern pendant light, and plenty of open space. "As a family, we would all agree that the indoor, outdoor area is by far our favorite part of the house," Gonterman shares. "It's where all of our friends and family come together," he continues.

Outdoor Bar

Ryan Garvin; DESIGN: Erica Bryen


In addition to the outdoor dining room, there's also a lounge and bar setup that looks like something you'd find on a trendy rooftop in Los Angeles or New York City. "The way the indoor, outdoor [space] is set up and designed, it feels intimate in a small group and plenty spacious enough when we have larger groups," Gonterman says.

Modern Backyard

Ryan Garvin; DESIGN: Erica Bryen


The backyard is just as modern as the rest of the home with its straight lines and clean design. "Building in both Orange County and Los Angeles, I am exposed to so many fantastic homes and talented people with such variation in style, I am always finding inspiration from other builders, architects and designers," Gonterman explains