This Is the "'Gateway Eye Cream" to Add to Your Routine, Says a Dermatologist

It's no secret that extensive skincare routines can get expensive quickly. So knowing which products you should invest in and which are worth skipping can end up saving your wallet while also making sure your routine is effective. Well, as far as essentials, hydrating eye creams are a must. As Dendy Engelman, MD, explains to MyDomaine, "the eyes are always strained, and when we are squinting or rubbing our eyes because of dried eyes, we are contributing to those fine lines," plus, "the area around the eyes is 40% thinner than the rest of the face."

And while certain cosmetic treatments can help as a quick fix, incorporating a hydrating eye cream into your morning and nightly skincare routine can do wonders for signs of premature aging. In fact, Engelman says that "eye creams are important to negate any blue-light, free-radical, and frictional damage from when you are rubbing your eyes." Michelle Henry, MD, echoes this thought, confirming that hydrating "eye creams are an important step in my skincare routine, and I recommend anyone who is looking to add to their regimen to start with a hydrating eye product as soon as possible."

Doctor's orders… So without further ado, read about their go-to eye creams plus a few of our favorites for a surge of hydration and more youthful, healthy-feeling eyes.