This Brilliant Trick Makes Your Cheap Bottle of Wine Taste Expensive

Everybody loves a good bottle of wine. But not everyone can afford that bright chardonnay with the mango and pineapple finish. Certain events or circumstances may sometimes force one to opt for an inexpensive bottle instead. So if that discount bottle of wine you purchased for a casual picnic in the park is more astringent than it is acidic, we’ve got a great tip for you.

According to a report from Bustle, the best way to turn a $5 bottle of wine into something that tastes like it cost $50 is to put it in a blender. The process is called hyperdecanting, and by aerating the wine at a high speed, it draws out the wine’s richer flavors much faster than a regular decanter.

Developed by Nathan Myhrvold, a chef and physicist who counts the likes of Bill Gates and Stephen Hawking as colleagues, hyperdecanting basically exposes wine to oxygen, which opens up its more nuanced flavors. Oxygen also gets rid of the wine’s harsher notes and softens its tannins, the astringent compound that gives wine its bitter taste.

Proponents of hyperdecanting—which in some of the more traditional wine enthusiast circles is still considered a controversial practice—believe that it provides all the benefits of regular aeration in just 30 seconds. Well, there’s only one way to find out. 

Try hyperdecanting your wine with this Vitamix Blender, and let us know if it worked!