Eating This Dessert for Breakfast Could Make You Smarter



This might be the best news you read all day (and it will make you wish you could rewind and redo your breakfast). According to a recent study highlighted in Body+Soul, eating ice cream for breakfast can actually make you smarter.

That's right—consuming your favorite dessert first thing in the morning is showing some surprising (and promising) results. Professor Yoshihiko Koga from Kyorin University in Tokyo had half the study's subjects eat three spoonfuls of ice cream immediately after waking up. The less lucky half did not. After breakfast, participants completed mental exercises on a computer while researchers monitored their results. It turns out, those who ate the ice cream for breakfast were more relaxed, better at concentrating, and had superior mental processing. While there could be a number of outlying factors influencing the result, we're rooting for the ice cream.

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