10 Ice Cream Sandwiches That Will Up Your Dessert Game

The ice-cream sandwich is one of my favorite summer desserts. There’s something nostalgic about the ice cream truck treat that highlights what the warmer months are all about: slowing down, relaxing, and enjoying life’s little pleasures, like ice cream and cookies! It’s also one of my favorite dinner-party desserts because the sandwich is individual, portable, and must be made in advance. While there is nothing quite like peeling back the white paper on a store-bought classic chocolate wafer cookie and vanilla ice cream sandwich, making ice cream sandwiches at home is fun, easy, and great to do with the kiddos. There are virtually thousands of ways to make an ice cream sandwich. Pressed for time? Use store-bought ice cream and cookies. Want to show off your culinary prowess? Make homemade ice cream and homemade cookies. In honor of National Ice Cream day, which is today, I’m daring you to step up your dessert game and make a batch of ice cream sandwiches.