Iced Coffee Lemonade Is the Mash-Up Drink of the Summer

This summer has seen the emergence of a number of mind-boggling beverages designed to help you beat the heat while also amassing the Instagram love you so deserve. The latest concoction is an unexpected mash-up between two of the season’s most refreshing drinks: iced coffee and lemonade.

The bizarre brew gained notoriety at Williamsburg’s outdoor street food mecca, Smorgasburg, where it’s being served by Stand Coffee all summer long. Billed as an Almond Palmer iced coffee lemonade, the beverage combines cold-brew coffee, a streak of almond milk, and vanilla and lemon simple syrup. It’s the brainchild of Stand’s coffee director Nate Long, who alleges that its inception was a nod to his college days, when he would combine coffee with orange juice on the regular.

While the combination of coffee and lemons might be a little too ambitious for traditionalists, Eater points out that the wacky combo is in fact nothing new. In New York, Smith Canteen’s Thunderbolt is made up of espresso and freshly squeezed lemonade over ice, and Gothenburg, Sweden’s Da Matteo cafés, offer kaffelemonad, a “cool, tangy lemon and coffee mix” served in a highball glass.

To make Stand’s version at home, all you need is one tablespoon of lemon syrup, eight ounces of cold-brew coffee, and two ounces of almond milk. Combine those in a cocktail shaker with ice, and shake—and just like that, cooling down this summer will never be the same again.

Do you think coffee and lemons could go well together?