This Ingenious App Will Improve Your Grammar

The benefits and drawbacks of autocorrect are nothing short of legendary, but imagine if rather than fixing—or, let's be real, completely jumbling—your text messages, it identified your poor grammar and didn't let you hit "send" until you fixed it. iCorrect, an add-on for Apple’s iMessage app, does just this, and its creators have parents in mind.

Children ages 10 to 14 years old are sending up to 3900 texts per month, a unique educational opportunity iCorrect's creators are picking up on. When activated through iOS's parental controls, iCorrect identifies any misspelled words or grammar mistakes with a familiar dotted underline. The message cannot be sent until the errors (which include traditional grammar grinds as well as modern-day abbreviations) have been fixed. If users are totally stumped, they can activate an overlay that provides tips to help them remedy the mistake. 

Though we can certainly see the appeal here for parents of smartphone-wielding kids, we have to admit that we wouldn't mind the occasional nudge to use possessive apostrophes correctly or employ "affect" and "effect" to perfection. As Fast Company notes, with the option to enable or disable the "cannot send" functionality, it might also prove extremely helpful for people learning English as a second language.

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