If My Partner Isn’t Ready for a Serious Relationship, Do I Wait?

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Relationships are all about timing. It’s not uncommon to find yourself in a position where you want to take your relationship to the next level, but your partner isn’t yet ready. Your partner may have strong feelings for you, care about you deeply, and potentially see a future with you, but it’s possible that he or she isn’t yet able to provide you with the type of serious commitment that you desire. Is it worth waiting to see if your partner will inevitably be able to provide you with the type of commitment you’re seeking? If not, it may be time to explore moving on from the relationship. 

When looking more closely at whether or not you should wait for your partner to be ready for a serious relationship, it’s important to consider these five key points before making your decision.

Waiting Enables Your Partner to See Just How Much You Care

By giving your partner ample time to make a decision about being in a serious relationship, you’re not only respecting his or her wishes and time frame, but you’re also showing your partner that he or she is worth waiting for. And by standing by your partner through his or her decision-making process, he or she can see just how much you honor and care about his or her needs, and this can help to solidify your partner’s decision to want to be with you. 

Waiting Allows Your Partner to Connect with You in a Deeper Way

When you give your partner more time in order for him or her to be ready for a serious commitment, you’re actually laying the groundwork to build a stronger and more meaningful connection with one another. In fact, rather than rushing into a major commitment, you can help to strengthen the bond that the two of you share by putting in the time it takes to really get to know each other before jumping into something serious.

Waiting Can Be Emotionally Draining

On the flip side, if you’re wondering if you should wait until your partner is ready for a serious commitment, it’s important to keep your emotional health and well-being in mind as well. For example, you may feel stressed, anxious and/or sad that your partner isn’t yet able to commit to you in the way that you want him or her to, and you may be setting yourself up for heartache and heartbreak in the future by waiting around for a decision in the present.

Waiting Can Make You Unavailable to Others

It’s also important to consider the fact that waiting for your partner may prevent you from pursuing other people who may be able to provide you with the type of serious commitment and emotional support that you’re seeking. And by waiting around for your partner to decide one way or the other, you’re completely closing yourself off from the possibility of finding a deep, meaningful and committed relationship with someone else.

Waiting May Last Indefinitely

If your partner isn’t yet ready for a serious commitment, it’s time to face the fact that this kind of indecision can last indefinitely. And while you may think that your partner may only need a short amount of time to make a final decision, it’s possible that months and months may go by without any sort of answer from him or her about where you stand.

Should You Wait for Your Partner?

Once you’ve considered these five key points when it comes to waiting for your partner to be ready for a serious relationship, it’s time to look internally in order to make a final choice. Are you able to wait for this person to make a decision even if it means living in a constant state of limbo? If you can’t possibly imagine a future without this person, then it’s worth sticking around a bit longer. However, instead of simply waiting for him or her to give you an answer one day, you should clue your partner in as to your own timetable, since your happiness matters, too.

If your partner isn’t able to be respectful of your needs and time frame in return, then he or she isn’t worth your time at all.

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