IKEA Has Launched a New Line—Shop Our Edit

When IKEA released the first images from its new 2017 catalog, it caused a stir among MyDomaine's editors. We're used to the Swedish brand's signature white chipboard wares, but this décor is a cut above. A glimpse at the range reveals demure blush sofas, chic lemon side tables, and modern geometric baskets. In other words, you don't have to hack any of the items in IKEA's latest collection to elevate your home. 

If the brand's catalog piqued your interest, we've got good news: This week IKEA launches the first wave of products from the 2017 line. And, as we'd hoped, it certainly lives up to the hype. We've browsed the first-release wares to uncover IKEA's 10 most stylish new items you need in your life now.