IKEA's New Spring Line Is Basically the Opposite of IKEA (and We Love It)

Updated 03/20/18
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Courtesy of IKEA

Another day, another spring 2018 IKEA launch. While we've already previewed the massive new catalog as well as the limited-edition Hjärtelig collection, we've just caught wind of IKEA's new April 2018 offerings via press release. Designed to help customers "reconnect with the senses," the launch aims to bring nature indoors, and vice versa. "The materials are natural, the colors are warm and earthy, the patterns are ethnic," reads the release. "It's about embracing an imperfect style that makes room for nature and relaxation." In other words, it looks more like what you'd expect from an eclectic retailer like Anthropologie or World Market rather than the traditionally sleek and minimalist IKEA.

All of the products were created using natural, organic materials from the resources at their disposal; each one works toward IKEA's greater goal of taking better care of the planet's resources. For example, all new mattresses and bedding were made with linen and organic cotton, table legs are made from rubberwood from responsibly managed forests, and the new Videbäk rugs were created in organized weaving centers in Bangladesh and India with good working conditions, fair wages, stable work, and care for the environment.

Preview a few of our favorite looks below, and check IKEA's website on April 1 to shop the new offerings.

Courtesy of IKEA

The Sandared Ottomans

"Sandared ottomans were designed to make life in the living room more flexible. This knitted series can be used as decorative occasional seats, stylish ottomans and comfortable floor cushions. They're available in three different sizes and colored covers that can be easily removed and washed. Sold in a convenient compressed package, they're even handy to carry home from the store."

Courtesy of IKEA

The Fridafors Tray Table

"For the many changing needs at home, we've developed Fridafors. Use it as a sofa table or nightstand, to be moved to another room or stacked away, or use it for serving. As functional as it is beautiful in blue, it's the removable tray and foldable legs that make it such a flexible table. It can be assembled quickly and easily thanks to parts that click together and pre-drilled holes. The table legs are made from rubberwood from responsibly managed forests. Instead of letting the wood become firewood, we use it for furniture and take better care of the planet's resources by doing so."

Courtesy of IKEA

The Grönlid Sectional

"With a generous size and flexible functionality, we introduce the Grönlid sectional. This is a traditional sofa made for modern homes as it can be built to a chosen size and shape, even at a later stage. In addition, the ottoman and chaise feature integrated storage. Grönlid offers long-lasting comfort thanks to a top layer of fiber ball filling that gives a nice embraced feeling, while the many loose cushions can be arranged according to taste and placed wherever seated. There are a variety of covers available in tones from warm cinnamon to classic natural, making the Grönlid sectional a versatile sofa to live with for a long time.

Bonus—also comes with a 10-year limited warranty."

Courtesy of IKEA

The Videbäk Rug

"Every Videbäk rug has a unique design similar to a piece of art. Woven with great craftsmanship, it comes from our initiative of handwoven rugs in India and Bangladesh. The irregular pattern has been woven in 100% wool in a way that can't be replicated by machines—making every rug truly different from each other. The weavers creating Videbäk, as well as our other handmade rugs from India and Bangladesh, use a new, improved loom. This is the result of a development done by IKEA making the loom more ergonomic and require less strength to use than a traditional loom.

This is all part of our commitment to organized weaving centers with good working conditions, fair wages, stable work and care for the environment."

Courtesy of IKEA

The Fransine Cushion Cover

"Cushions are an easy and fun way of showing your style. Inspired by Inca patterns, the Fransine cushion cover comes in warm, earthy tones, giving a feeling of nature indoors. Created by IKEA designer Jennifer Idrizi, the cover is made with a mix of wool, acrylic and cotton that can handle a mild machine washing."

Courtesy of IKEA

The Gulved Bedspread

"The two-sided Gulved bedspread can be used to vary the look of the bed. The dark-blue bedspread is made with linen on one side and cotton on the other. Choosing linen as part of the bedspread has been a conscious choice for its environmental benefits. Linen is a renewable and biodegradable fiber that uses less energy, less water and less fertilizers when cultivated. But the good choices don't stop there. The wadding inside the bedspread is made with 95% recycled PET—it's all part of our mission to make sustainable choices available for the many!"

Courtesy of IKEA

The Flodalen Towels

"The materials you have closest to the skin matter. That's why Flodalen towels are made of natural materials. Not only is the cotton used in the towels sourced from more sustainable sources, but we've also improved the dyeing process, making the dye stick easier and so needing less water in production. The result is a soft and fluffy range of towels. Highly absorbent, their thick wavy structure embrace the body and add luxury in the bathroom or wherever you take them along. Available in white, beige, gray or lilac."

Courtesy of IKEA

The Jofrid Cushion Cover & Throw

"Not only are Jofrid throw and cushion cover made of cotton and linen, both natural materials, but they've been dyed in a more natural way. We revived an old tradition of dyeing with the help of nature's colors in order to reduce the environmental impact. This is part of a pioneering project at IKEA utilizing a completely new way of dyeing textiles using agricultural waste products—like leaves, nutshells and orange peel that would otherwise be thrown out. These have given rise to natural and bluish tones that will only become more beautiful with wear and tear."

Courtesy of IKEA

The Tistedal Mattress Topper

"This month we're introducing new natural mattress toppers with organic materials designed for a healthy sleep environment. To increase your sleeping comfort and extend the life of your mattress, you can compliment the mattress with the Tistedal mattress pad. Its natural latex filling with high pressure gives greater relaxation. This are just one selection from the new range for the bedroom that makes it easy to create a complete sleep solution that's natural, long-lasting and soft on the skin."

Courtesy of IKEA

The Snidad Basket

"The versatile Snidad basket adds a warm and genuine feeling to any room. It's handmade in the natural fiber rattan, which is a type of palm tree that usually grows along a host tree. Use the basket for storing everyday items like blankets or throws, while adding a handcrafted element to wherever it's placed." 

Courtesy of IKEA

The Kanelstång Plant Stand

"Bring nature into the home and place it on Kanelstång plant stand. Handmade in natural rattan, the small stand lets you furnish with plants either placed on the floor or on a table. It can become part of a more eclectic, imperfect style that gives more options when furnishing with plants."

Courtesy of IKEA

The Pepparkorn Vase

"Developed together with a florist, Pepparkorn has been given the perfect dimensions to hold flowers of different heights. Made in blue glass, the width of the vase opening has been sized to hold an entire bouquet or just a single decorative branch—they will both look beautiful."

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