10 IKEA Bedroom Storage Ideas to Clear the Clutter and Improve Your Mental Health

Emily Henderson—IKEA bedroom storage

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For some time now, home trends have been rallying against the presence of clutter. Things, as far as the minimalist look is concerned, should not be hoarded. And stuff, in the mindset of Marie Kondo, should only exist to spark joy. For some, this shift toward fewer possessions has come easy—in fact, thrift stores reported an uptick in donations earlier this year. But for others, it may be harder to let go of things, even if that's the latest "it" activity to do. 

If you're finding it hard to get organized despite this pop culture push, then maybe it's worth noting how clutter can have a negative effect on mental health. A 2010 study lead by assistant psychology professor Darby Saxbe found that those who perceived their homes to be cluttered tended to have more stress throughout their daily lives and that the stress didn't necessarily taper off at night. This can potentially make it difficult to sleep, concentrate on work, or strengthen relationships. In other words, for those who have yet to get on the decluttering trend, maybe it would be easier to do it if you focused on its personal benefits. 

We found 10 IKEA bedroom storage options to help you declutter and organize this space, which should ideally feel like a sanctuary. By using these items to streamline your possessions and keep your bedroom clean, you'll hopefully be able to adapt this trend to your terms—and feel better in the process. Another thing that should motivate you to get started? The grand total for everything here comes out to less than $100.

Stuk Blue—IKEA bedroom storage
IKEA Stuk Storage Case $7

Stuk Storage Case

Let's be honest: How much of the clothing in your closet do you use regularly? You couldn't possibly use everything, and that's where this storage case comes into play. Pack away seasonal items under your bed, and revel in that roomier and more efficient space. 

Hangers—IKEA bedroom storage
IKEA Bumerang Hangers $5

Bumerang Hangers

Instead of getting by with a hodgepodge of hangers that you've collected through the years, invest in a collection that's uniform. Not only will these hangers work for various pieces, but their wooden finish will make your entire closet look more pulled together.

Basket—IKEA bedroom storage
IKEA Fladis Basket $10

Fladis Basket

If you have blankets that you use sparingly, collect them all in this woven basket and keep it either in your closet or near your bed. This will help keep these blankets from sitting on a side chair for far too long. 

Clothing Rack—IKEA bedroom storage
IKEA Mulig Clothing Rack $10

Mulig Clothing Rack

Sometimes bedrooms come without closets, and that can be a drag. Instead of cramming clothes into a hall closet or filling a dresser to the brim, lean on this clothing rack to organize your everyday pieces in one simple place. The rack will also help you to be more intentional with your wardrobe since you'll eventually learn which pieces get the most wear and which ones don't.

storage box
IKEA Storstabbe Box with Compartments $10

Storstabbe Compartment Box

Speaking of overstuffed dressers, this box comes with various compartments that organize clothing, socks, and undergarments into their own distinct areas. Stick to this routine, and you'll never have an issue looking for a missing item.

Shoe Compartment—IKEA bedroom storage
IKEA Stuk Hanging Shoe Organizer $7

Stuk Hanging Shoe Organizer

The back of a closet door is prime real estate, and yet it often goes unused. Make the most of this area's potential with a hanging shoe organizer, which can help clear room on your closet floor for other items—or maybe, nothing at all. 

Skubb Hanging Organizer—IKEA bedroom storage
IKEA Skubb Hanging Organizer $10

Skubb Hanging Organizer

If you don't have enough room in your dresser for sweaters, then use this hanging organizer to stack them all in one place. It can also be used for accessories, like scarves, if needed. 

Stuk Box—IKEA bedroom storage
IKEA Stuk Compartment Box $5

Stuk Compartment Box

Clothing items that can't be easily grouped with other pieces—like workout gear or swimsuits—can be stored here for easy access. 

Tray Table—IKEA bedroom storage
IKEA Gladom Tray Table $20

Gladom Tray Table

Sometimes nightstands can become depositories for a mismatch of items, but this sleek table would make that bad habit difficult to continue. Given its tight surface area, there's only room for necessities like eyeglasses and a water carafe. 

Torkis Laundry Basket—IKEA bedroom storage
IKEA Torkis Laundry Basket $10

Torkis Laundry Basket

Although this pick might seem obvious, it still needs to be said that a laundry basket is vital to keeping a room clean. As long as you get into the habit of tossing clothing here—instead of on a side chair or the floor—your bedroom can stay organized. 

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