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20 IKEA Besta Hacks That Will Make You Do a Double Take

ikea besta hacks


Over the years, IKEA has become the interior-design enthusiasts' hub for trendy and affordable home décor. It's where you go to furnish an entire apartment without breaking the bank—but with that comes a stigma. As much as we love a good IKEA find, it sometimes gets a bad rap for being cheap.

The good news is the Swedish home goods superstore is also most recently known as the birthplace of chic DIY projects. So, the fact that a seemingly unassuming piece can become a dupe for some of the most expensive and chic furniture money can buy should be of no surprise to anyone. Enter the IKEA Besta cabinet that can go from ordinary to extraordinary with some elbow grease and a few supplies.

Ahead, 20 seriously ingenious ways to repurpose the household staple and make it work for any space and style. 

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Make It Midcentury

ikea besta hacks


Who said IKEA can't boast a midcentury flair? Replace the cabinet doors with a minimal dark-stained wood door and add some tapered legs for a vintage-inspired look on a budget. We especially love how this entryway strikes a modern balance with navy walls and plenty of greenery.

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Install a Secret Door

ikea besta hack


For those who find a way to integrate their fur babies into all aspects of their home, this cabinet-turned-pet-motel is a dream. A subtle addition of a pet door on the side of this Besta cabinet creates a secret sanctuary for your pet, without cramping your style.

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Turn It Into a Desk

ikea besta hacks


When you work from home, plenty of storage and a large workspace are the keys to productivity. Creating a makeshift desk with two Besta cabinets instead of legs and a blonde wood desk top makes for both a chic and comfortable workspace. The long setup creates plenty of workspace, while the cabinets provide a ton of space for storing documents, supplies, and electronics.

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Make It a Window Seat

ikea besta hacks


We love a bench seat with a view, but oftentimes, they lack the storage space we all need. Converting a Besta console into a window bench is as easy as adjusting a cushion on the top and cozying it up with throw pillows. We love how inviting this simple addition makes this bedroom feel.

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Add Artsy Legs

ikea besta hacks


The best part about IKEA's products is they boast a minimal look that makes customizing so easy. This plain white console feels infinitely cooler with these arched statement legs. The black and white contrast makes them pop and the shape makes for a serious stunner in this achromatic space.

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Double Your Dining Room Seating

ikea besta hacks


Whether you're always hosting, live with roommates or are feeding a growing family, additional dining room seating is always a plus. Rather than fumble with extra chairs, consider sliding in a Besta console that doubles as a bench and makes for the perfect place to house all your hosting supplies, like decorations, extra dishes, and seasonal items.

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Paint It a Bold Color

ikea besta hacks


Your simple console is a paint can away from making a serious statement in your home. We love how this bright green color makes the console pop in this neutral entryway.

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Create a Cozy Nook

Ikea Besta Hacks


Vaulted ceilings can be difficult to work with thanks to their low profile and awkward angle, but we love how this nook incorporates a series of Besta cabinets to create the perfect wall-to-wall ledge. Candles, plants, books, and art positioned along the top makes this the perfect hangout, and the amount of storage it houses inside is a clutter collector's dream.

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Create a Fluted Design

ikea besta hacks


The fluted look is all the rage right now and can be found in some of the most expensive stores around. But, why spend your hard-earned cash when you can spend a weekend creating a dupe that costs you a fraction of the price?

Create the fluted look with the help of wooden dowels and some strong wood glue. Finish with a fresh coat of paint, and you have yourself an expensive-looking piece sure to impress your guests.

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Add Subtle Flair

ikea besta hacks


If you're looking to get in on the fluted look, but aren't looking for a fully-textured console front, consider adding just a hint of the trend to your Besta. A handful of flutes on a single side can be just as effective (if not more) than the entire front.

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Make Them Float

ikea besta hacks


Nixing the console legs and mounting this unit on your wall is your one-way ticket to a cooler living room. A few power tools and some elbow grease can give your space a modern feel and minimal look—the shiny white cabinet doors help too.

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Fake a Custom Built-In

ikea besta hacks


Some careful stacking of shelf units can create the look of a custom built in, and it all starts with a Besta base. Start with the low-profile cabinet and stack shelves vertically using varying heights and widths for a look unique to your space.

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Hack a Bathroom Vanity

ikea besta hacks


If you're remodeling your bathroom, chances are you're still on the hunt for the perfect vanity. When the ones you've been sifting through don't feel quite right, the simple Besta can always be customized to create the exact look you're imagining. Add some taller hairpin legs and a bowl-shaped sink—you'll have yourself a totally custom look.

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Paint It a Rich Jewel Tone

ikea besta hacks


We love the look of this ruby console in this rich-toned living room. The color makes this mass-produced IKEA staple look like a worldly find—you'd never guess it came from a local warehouse store.

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Add a Marble Console Top

ikea besta hacks


Who doesn't love the look of marble? However, we're not all living on a marble budget. The good news is a few sheets of marble printed contact paper on the top will totally transform the look of your Besta and won't break the bank.

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Make Your Own Personal Art Gallery

ikea besta hacks


We love the sleek look of the best and how you can line them up to create a long console look. If you ask us, this is the perfect platform for a super curated art collection. A gallery of black and white photos in varying sizes and shapes looks so chic and expensive.

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Make It Stealthy

ikea besta hacks


The truth is, this console, with the right styling, can look totally expensive all on its own. This black-on-black styling with natural shapes and textures against a stone-colored Venetian plastered wall looks like a million bucks.

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Set It On a Riser

ikea besta hacks


Something as simple as raising up your Besta can create the look of a built-in, which always feels expensive. Just be sure to run the molding along the bottom to match the rest of your walls.

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Remove a Door

ikea besta hacks


Perhaps the easiest way to hack your Besta is to remove one of the doors and create an exposed cubby look. Fill it with wooden logs for a cabin, rustic, or winter-friendly feel.

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Create Under-The-Stairs Storage

ikea besta hacks


If you have a second floor in your home, chances are you have a staircase that creates an awkward vaulted look right in your living room or entry way. Hack a coat check station with the help of a Besta console and a chic hanging station.