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IKEA Is Rolling Out an Inspired Cleaning Collection Just in Time for Spring

IKEA spring cleaning collection


Unless you are one of those rare humans that finds joy in cleaning, it's likely you consider mopping, disinfecting, wiping down, rinsing, and sweeping a downright chore. One way to make the unpleasant but truly necessary art of keeping your home clean a little more enjoyable is investing in cleaning tools and products you actually enjoy using. Over the last few years, many companies have rolled out inspired cleaning products we love. Unfortunately, many of the brands aren’t exactly budget-friendly. Well, because one of IKEA’s goal is to simplify our home lives by providing on-trend, affordable, practical, and functional products, they are releasing the cleaning collection of our dreams—just in time for spring cleaning.

Starting in February, IKEA U.S. stores will roll-out a new, limited-edition collection called BORSTAD that features functional cleaning tools and accessories. The line combines rustic style and sustainable techniques to make spring cleaning easy and elegant. The conscious collection includes traditional cleaning tools and laundry necessities as well as space-saving solutions made from natural materials such as hardwood, cedar, metal, rattan and canvas.

“IKEA wants to stimulate living a more sustainable life at home. BORSTAD is made from mainly natural and recycled materials,” Caroline Krysén of IKEA explains to MyDomaine. 

“The inspiration of the collection was archetypal cleaning and clothes-care products from times gone by,” Caroline Krysén of IKEA explains to MyDomaine. “Today, most of these are made of plastic in a modern style that is practical, but often not so beautiful in a more traditional ‘farmhouse’ home.”

Products like this can sometimes be found, in an old hardware store, or in trendy shops in Williamsburg, but often at much higher prices.

The BORSTAD pieces are so beautiful, however, you can even keep them in full view. “Products like this can sometimes be found, in an old hardware store, or in trendy shops in Williamsburg, but often at much higher prices,” she adds. 

Here are a few of the items to look out for.

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BORSTAD Hanging Organizer

hanging organizer


This hanging organizer has pockets for everything—from shoes and scarves to mobile phones and keys—so you can avoid spending your precious time looking for them. It’s spacious and decorative and made from a natural, durable material that lasts for many years. 

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BORSTAD Rinsing Tub

IKEA steel tub


This multi-functional powder-coated, galvanized steel bucket can be used for mopping floors and hand-washing delicate garments, easily peeling potatoes or even for a nice foot bath when in need of some relaxation. 

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BORSTAD Bottle Holder With Handle

spring cleaning


This bottle holder is made out of powder-coated steel, and holds six bottles in separate compartments. The collection’s green plastic bottles make for the perfect addition.