IKEA's Latest Collection Is Its SWEETEST Yet

You know the expression “as happy as a kid in a candy shop?” Well Ikea is making all of our Willy Wonka dreams come true! IKEA U.S. just announced the roll out of LÖRDAGSGODIS (“Saturday candy”) pick and mix sweets, a new in-store candy shop. The delicious and oh-so-adorable candy collection includes gummies, sours, marshmallow, chocolate, licorice, and so much more. And, since these Swedish confections are trans fat-free, high-fructose corn syrup-free, and GMO-free, we think they are the ultimate guilty pleasure. Not to mention a great in-store pick me up to help you navigate the furniture maze of IKEA.

The new sweet shop is available now in select U.S. stores. We recommend using some of the picture perfect candy as a playful bit of decoration as well. Just pick up a glass vase or two while you’re at IKEA, fill with candy, and voila! An instant summer home accessory.

Do you have a big sweet tooth? Share your thoughts on Ikea’s new in-store candy shop below!