IKEA's 2019 Catalog Is Already Here—Shop Our 25-Piece Edit

IKEA has mastered the art of budget-friendly yet stylish décor, and the Swedish retailer's 2019 catalog is yet another extension of that mission statement. In honor of the company's 75th anniversary, the 2019 catalog aims to celebrate all different ways of living, featuring five unique homes that represent a range of styles, sizes, and budgets.

"Each fictional home featured has its own unique backstory and living situation—such as a space-limited apartment serving a large family or a home totally dedicated to eco-friendly choices," reads a press release, "all of which were inspired by insights from the IKEA 2018 Life at Home Report." Below, get a sneak peek of the new looks coming out of IKEA in 2019, and shop the brand-new products that correspond with each lifestyle.

Home #1: Haven in the City

IKEA living room

The inspiration: "It's possible to create a calming sanctuary even in a stressful city; a way to create balance thanks to organization and an uncluttered environment. You can create a place for reflection, peace, joy, and the ability to recharge, leaving the busy world outside and bringing attention to well-being."

Life at Home research insight: "As life becomes busier and work more demanding, the outside world—often via technology—seeps into our homes like never before, creating internal stress."

Who lives here: "This family of two leads a hectic work life that they want to leave behind as soon as they enter their home."

IKEA GRÖNLID Sectional $865
IKEA Gradvis Vase
IKEA Gradvis Vase $8
IKEA Snidad Rattan Basket
IKEA Snidad Rattan Basket $28
IKEA VÄXJÖ Pendant Lamp
IKEA VÄXJÖ Pendant Lamp $40
IKEA Sandared Pouf
IKEA Sandared Pouf $50

Home #2: Resourceful and Loving It

IKEA Resourceful and Loving It home

The inspiration: "When you've committed to a healthier and more sustainable way of living, your space can both reflect and support your choices. Our roommates live in a home that is close to nature, even in an urban jungle."

Life at Home Report Insight: "We spend a lot of time being physically present in our homes, but we enjoy them most when we are also mentally present. One major way to increase the feeling of mental presence in our home is to get as close to nature as the home allows. Even the simple act of tending a house plant brings us right back into the moment, which connects us mentally to our home."

Who lives here: "A couple with a young child and their roommate. Co-living in the city helps create possibilities for families to live as they please. Sure it’s a bit crowded, but they make room for healthy cooking and plenty of plants, as well as conscious ways to reuse and recycle. DIY and RIY projects help save money, and to do all this with a curious child is even more rewarding."

IKEA Ottava Pendant Lamp
IKEA Ottava Pendant Lamp $40
IKEA Ispigg Cushion Cover
IKEA Ispigg Cushion Cover $6
IKEA Bror Utility Cart
IKEA Bror Utility Cart $99
IKEA Kalasmat Serving Bowl
IKEA Kalasmat Serving Bowl $2

Home #3: Full House

IKEA's Full House kitchen and dining room

The inspiration: "We believe that many people of different ages and needs can live happily under the same roof and still be able to balance spaces for being together as well as being apart. In this activity-packed home, you’ll find solutions for inclusive living; perfect for a family that always wants to feel close even when they are doing their own thing."

Life at Home Report Insight: "Negotiating what’s yours and mine can feel like the ultimate battle. Of all the arguments we have at home, 17% stem from intruding in each other’s spaces. Forty-two percent of people say they find it hard to ask for their own areas, so the battle lines are often unclear."

Who lives here: "A set of parents as well as four children of different ages, from baby to teen."

IKEA NYMÅNE Wall Lamp $40
IKEA Poang Rocking Chair
IKEA Poang Rocking Chair $179
IKEA Granboda Nesting Tables
IKEA Granboda Nesting Tables $59
IKEA Hannalill Curtains
IKEA Hannalill Curtains $25
IKEA Langur High Chair
IKEA Langur High Chair $109

Home #4: Open Up to Change

IKEA's Open Up to Change home

The inspiration: "When a family lives in an apartment with just one bedroom upstairs, who says that the parents shouldn't give that to their kids? Especially when they can enjoy a cozy sleeping space of their own at one end of the main living area. And why not have an oversized island (and all of the storage it adds) in your dining area instead of a traditional table if that’s how your family likes to gather for meals? This design reflects the life that this fictional family leads right now, rather than some 'rules' on how they (or you) are supposed to use space at home."

Life at Home Report Insight: "Many people strive to achieve a 'finished' home even though their needs and dreams change over the years. We found that true home comfort is achieved when a home reflects people’s present needs and not their previous or anticipated ones."

Who Lives Here: "Two parents and teenage twins. This is a family that is super flexible, with an open door policy and lots of friends who are always welcome to stop by and hang out."

IKEA Flottebo Sleeper Sofa
IKEA Flottebo Sleeper Sofa $549
IKEA Vendla Cushion Cover
IKEA Vendla Cushion Cover $6
IKEA Janinge Bar Stool
IKEA Janinge Bar Stool $99
IKEA Burvik Side Table
IKEA Burvik Side Table $50
IKEA Dihult Pouf
IKEA Dihult Pouf $80

Home #5: Where More is More

IKEA's Where More is More home

The inspiration: "Belongings tell the unique story of the people who live in a space, and embracing your own personal treasures can make you happier at home. It’s ok to put the you into your home, loud and proud!"

Life at Home Report Insight: "Globally, 27% of people think that society puts pressure on us to live minimally. But our connections to things are profoundly emotional because they each trigger memories, hopes, and dreams that go far deeper than any functional use. This is why we find it so hard to discard them. We found that belongings that honor experiences are easier to deal with, helping us view our possessions more objectively."

Who lives here: "A couple who enjoy life and what they have gathered over the years, throughout their adventures together. To say that there’s plenty to discover in this home is an understatement, but every inch of this vibrant flat is well-thought-out. The recipe for success? Clever ways of storing, organizing, and —above all—displaying."

IKEA Sjopenna Pendant Lamp
IKEA Sjopenna Pendant Lamp $30
IKEA Liatorp Bookcase
IKEA Liatorp Bookcase $379
IKEA Panorerra Clock
IKEA Panorerra Clock $13
IKEA Songe Mirror
IKEA Songe Mirror $99
IKEA Foto Pendant Lamp
IKEA Foto Pendant Lamp $25

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