Putting Your Stuff on Display Is the Hip Design Trend IKEA Is Backing

Updated 04/18/18
IKEA x Chris Stamp

Instead of hiding clothes and shoes away in a neatly organized closet, more and more people seem to be opting for open storage alternatives to proudly show off their belongings. If we may venture a guess, this is one trend you'll be seeing more of in 2018. It also happens to be the inspiration behind IKEA's latest collaboration with Los Angeles fashion designer and creative director of the "avant-street" lifestyle brand Stampd, Chris Stamp.

Titled SPÄNST, this limited-edition collection is designed for those who want to use their home décor to exhibit their lifestyles throughout their home. Think mesh wardrobes, clear shoe boxes, and minimalistic clothing racks. It's street style meets interior design. "The whole idea of it was really about open-format sneaker and clothing storage… Just to kind of make your pieces feel more expensive," Stamp tells MyDomaine. Finally, an excuse to keep your favorite shoes and statement fashion pieces in plain sight.


Take a sneak peek at the west coast-inspired line below and look out for the collection to drop in May 2018.

IKEA SPÄNST Armchair $199
IKEA SPÄNST Clothes Rack $149
IKEA SPÄNST Wardrobe $229
IKEA SPÄNST Tabletop with Trestles $249
IKEA SPÄNST Standing Support $70
IKEA SPÄNST Cushion Cover $8
IKEA SPÄNST Cushion Cover $6
IKEA SPÄNST Shoe/Skateboard Rack $70
IKEA SPÄNST Shoe Box $20
IKEA SPÄNST Shoe Box $20
IKEA SPÄNST Noticeboard $25
IKEA SPÄNST LED Light Stick $20
IKEA SPÄNST LED Light Stick $40
IKEA SPÄNST Duffel Bag $35
IKEA SPÄNST Laundry Bag $10
IKEA SPÄNST Travel Towels (Set of 2) $15
IKEA SPÄNST Hangers (3 Pack) $4

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