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Every Stylish Girl Owns an IKEA Clothes Rack—Here's Why

Clothes, scarf, and straw hat hang from a clothes rack

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How do you transform your bedroom into a totally Instagram-worthy boudoir? Simple: Just follow every stylish girl’s lead and put together a cool open closet. Don’t keep all those gorgeous clothes hidden away when you’ve spent your hard-earned greenbacks on them. As Sex and the City’s Carrie Bradshaw famously said, “I like my money right where I can see it: Hanging in my closet.”

Besides, it’s so much easier to choose outfits every day when you have all your options in full view. Ready to get started? Your hip wardrobe is just one IKEA clothing rack away. If you’re a fan of the minimalistic look, the simple open clothing rack will be right up your design alley.

Discover Your Favorite IKEA Clothes Rack

The Mulig Clothes Rack

Minimalist bedroom features IKEA Mulig clothes rack

Holly Marder / Avenue Lifestyle

Think of an open clothes rack like a doorless cupboard. Removing the bulk of a traditional closet will also open up your area, and more space equals more room for clothes—bonus. That’s exactly how Holly Marder of Avenue Design Studio felt when she installed an IKEA Mulig clothes rack in the bedroom of her 1920s row house. Since the renovation was done on a tight budget, Marder chose to omit a closet and utilize a rack-style space.

“I didn’t entertain the idea of a closed wardrobe for a single second,” she told MyDomaine. “I wanted an open closet from the get-go. I love seeing my clothes on display, and it was an added bonus that it was certainly a cost-effective choice too. Our bedroom isn’t very big, so a built-in wardrobe would have made a huge impact on the space we had left over. I also felt that an open, airy closet would suit the style of the house better with our white painted wooden floors and lovely windows.” We couldn’t agree more.

Marder used two of these IKEA clothes racks, which sit underneath a long, wooden mounted shelf held up by a few of their white Ekby brackets. “I just really liked the simplicity of the Mulig clothing racks from other ones I had seen and was pretty excited they were just $10,” she said. “We have one each, and on the shelves above, we have a basket each where we store out-of-season clothing. We also have a little antique cabinet that belonged to my husband’s grandmother that we use to store folded clothes.”

Child's bedroom features IKEA clothes rack
Christine Dovey

This simple piece is the perfect accessory for a child's bedroom. “My daughter loves fashion, and when she was little, she used to take outfits from her closet and hang all over her room,” she told MyDomaine. “When I designed this new space, I knew I wanted to make her love of clothes part of the design. These open racks were the perfect solution and really let her sweet little ensembles take center stage.”

Sparkly, fluffy dresses, and tulle ballet skirts become décor when you use clothing racks to put them on display.

The Turbo Clothes Rack

Clothing rack in a minimal bedroom

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Once you have your clothing rack set up, you’ll need to handpick what hangs from it. Think like an editor or a professional boutique owner, and merchandise your collection into a palette that works with the room. Tina Fussell, founder and editor of Flying House by Traveling Mama blog chose to edit her wardrobe by colorway from light to dark.

“My Danish friends have rubbed off on me, and I have a lot of black and gray in my closet, with bits of pinks and whites mixed in, which helps a lot because everything coordinates well with each other,” she writes. Since she travels so frequently, Fussell uses her open clothing rack as a place to coordinate what she’s going to pack. “If I take only what’s hanging up on my clothes rack, packing for six months will be a breeze,” she said.

Minimalist bedroom features IKEA Turbo clothes rack
Traveling Mama

It’s also a good excuse to simplify your wardrobe. Take a page out of Marie Kondo’s best-selling books on tidying and take the opportunity to edit, edit, edit your IKEA garment rack.

Layered mirrors against bedroom wall


You can even choose some of your favorite shoes to be part of the look. Getting dressed will be too easy.

Shop our favorite IKEA clothing racks below.

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Turbo Clothes Rack

Turbo Clothes Rack
IKEA Turbo Clothes Rack $50.00

This simple, industrial-style rack is perfect for an urban apartment.

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Rigga Clothes Rack

Rigga Clothes rack
IKEA Rigga Clothes Rack $13.00

You can never go wrong with all-white. Even better, this budget-friendly clothing rack comes in under $15.

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Mulig Clothes Bar

Mulig Clothes Bar
IKEA Mulig Clothes Bar $6.00

No space? No problem. Skip the rack and opt for a clothing bar instead.

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Mulig Clothes Rack

Mulig Clothes Rack
IKEA Mulig Clothes Rack $10.00

This streamlined rack will fit with any décor style.