We Gave 7 Designers $150 at IKEA—This Is What They Bought

We will never stop admiring the beauty of a high-end product, but our salary doesn't always accommodate the luxury price tag. (Psst—we know a few designer-like pieces you can actually afford.) However, if there's one thing every insanely stylish room has in common, it's the high/low mix. The old adage rings as true in interior design as it does in all other aspects of our lives: Too much of a good thing will throw off the balance. Athena Calderone, an interior designer and the founder of EyeSwoon, agrees. Too many iconic pieces in one home can appear fussy or overstyled.

"The goal when I approach a space is to ensure there's a mix," she told MyDomaine. "A touch of sophistication with something that has an edge. So that means pairing something slick or smooth with an element that is rough or has that timeworn patina, a bit of grit with a whole lotta glam. I always ask myself, Where can I add more or where can I restrain? It is in that clash, the opposition, the high and the low that truly makes a space your own."

With that in mind, we tapped Calderone and six other interior designers to show us how they would elevate every room in the house with only $150 at IKEA along with their IKEA décor ideas. Get ready to add to cart!