This IKEA Dresser Is Being Recalled for a Worrying Reason


Courtesy of Homeyohmy

Few items are as popular or ubiquitous in homes across America than the IKEA Malm series, a modern, minimal range of dressers that consistently rank among the brand's most loved designs. If you're included in the thousands of people who have this dresser at home, take note. IKEA has announced a product recall following the death of three children in the past two years.

The IKEA Malm series might be popular for its clean, minimal aesthetic, but in recent years, the brand has received complaints about the dresser's instability. Business Insider reports that free anchoring kits were offered with each sale, but that hasn't stopped the growing number of fatalities caused by falling dressers. Theodore McGee, a 22-month-old boy from Minnesota, died in February when a Malm dresser toppled over him, prompting the brand to recall 29 million chests and discontinue the entire range.

"Consumers should immediately stop using any recalled chest and dresser that is not properly anchored to the wall and place it into an area that children cannot access," the company announced this week. IKEA is offering full refunds for Malm furniture manufactured between 2002 and 2016, ranging from $70 to $200. If you own an older model, the store will provide a partial credit to spend on other items.

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