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12 Easy Hacks for the IKEA EKET Cabinet Series

ikea eket side table hack

Our Home at 29 / Instagram

When you can't find that one piece that you want for a room, why not DIY it? Sure, it comes with the price tag of some extra effort and supplies, but often, you spend less than your inspiration piece and love it even more. When it comes to DIYing, IKEA pieces are so hack-friendly that it's hard not to turn them into something different than how they look in-store.

The EKET cabinet series from the store is full of pieces that can be used in the kitchen, bedroom, bar area, or even playrooms. From taller cabinets to wide drawer units, there's no shortage of hacks for pieces in the line. Not sure where to start? We've rounded up 12 hacks from creators that are sure to spark some ideas of your own.

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Jazz It Up with Contact Paper

eket cabinet hack

Dream Green DIY

It's the small changes that make the biggest difference. For this hack, blogger Carrie Waller of Dream Green DIY simply added a stained wood top and some contact paper to her EKET storage cabinet. Simply pick out a peel and stick wallpaper you like, cut it to fit the doors and sides of the cabinets, stick it on, and voilà, you're done!

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Replace the Top

ikea eket buffet hack

Know How She Does It

Most of the cabinets in the EKET series are push to open, but when you have the opportunity to install gorgeous gold handles, it's hard to pass up. Gloribell Lebron of Know How She Does It created her own sideboard out of three EKET cabinets, a piece of wood, and some gold hardware.

She and her husband routed out the wood on this top piece so it fit the cabinets similarly to a shoebox lid, but you could also use construction adhesive to fit a board on top.

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Make a Slim Console Table

ikea eket table hack

Vintagefabriken / Instagram

If you need something slim to save space in an entryway, consider turning the EKET cabinet on its side. You can remove the interior shelves, turn it so the door opens down, and add some legs for a secretary desk-style console table.

Here, Vintage Fabriken added a beautiful botanical wallpaper to the inside of the cabinet, painted it teal, added a hook on the side (for bags or jackets), and used a strip of leather to act as a stop on the cabinet door. The finishing touch of the custom legs, which have woven leather details, is the icing on the cake.

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Make a Play Kitchen

ikea eket kitchen hack

Our Never Ending 90s / Instagram

For some reason, realistic play kitchens are ridiculously expensive, but why pay an arm and a leg for one when you could build your own custom one? Some DIY parents are creating play kitchens for their little ones with parts of the EKET series.

In this one created by Our Never Ending '90s on Instagram, the EKET storage combo with feet acts as a fridge, and a couple of the single cabinets make up the sink/oven area. Add some cabinet pulls as handles onto the door fronts and your little chef will be cooking up an imaginary masterpiece in no time.

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Go for Floating Cubbies

ikea floating eket shelves

House to Home Interiors / Instagram

The EKET cubbies also come in a ton of different colors, and you can mount them to your wall for easy, colorful geometric storage. How cool do these multicolored blocks look in this primary-colored room?

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Use Under-Stair Space Efficiently

ikea eket cabinet hack

Just Another Downham / Instagram

Most of us know the plight of having empty space under the stairs that's hard to make use of. It's awkwardly shaped, sometimes narrow, and it can be a pain to find storage that actually looks good. Thanks to Just Another Downham, we're inspired to use the EKET combo to fill that awkward stair gap with functional (and cute!) storage. The tops of each cubby beg for a décor moment, too.

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Make a Simple Sideboard

ikea eket hack

Cathie Hong Interiors

So this may or may not qualify as a real "hack," but when the cabinets fit this perfectly into a space, it feels like fate. Here, two EKET cabinets are simply pushed together to perfectly fill this awkward niche in a playroom. Not only do the cabinets hideaway toys and games, but they're the perfect place to display plants, books, and other décor items.

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Opt for Hairpin Legs

ikea eket hack

Our Bright Road

Ready for one of the simplest EKET hacks of all? Add some new legs to the cabinet and call it a day. We're huge fans of the midcentury, minimal vibe that hairpin legs give off, but you could go all out and add some turned wood legs, industrial-style metal legs, or add some fancy filigree-type legs.

Donna Keidel from Our Bright Road also added some vinyl to the cabinets to create a geometric pattern to jazz up the white piece.

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Make a Fluted Bedside Table

ikea eket side table hack

Our Home at 29 / Instagram

Fluted furniture is all the rage right now, but the price...not so much. Thankfully, you can make your own fluted furniture with some half-round moulding from the hardware store. Kirsty of Our Home at 29 turned her EKET two-drawer cabinet into a sleek, fluted nightstand with some glue, half-rounds, table legs, and paint, and she was even kind enough to post the tutorial on her Instagram.

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Create a Custom Bar

ikea eket bar hack

Every Home / Instagram

If you live in a small space, finding a bar cart that fits perfectly into the teeny corners of your home is a pain. But, with some imagination and an EKET cabinet combo, you can make your own drink station for coffee or cocktails.

We love that this one by Every Home on Instagram has both open and closed storage, so you can display things like glassware and bottles, and hide the less aesthetic bar accessories behind closed doors.

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Go Art Deco

eket washy tape hack

Home 2 Style / Instagram

We're in another phase of the roaring '20s, right? Or at least we can pretend to be? Channel the opulence of the era by jazzing up your cabinet fronts with a washi tape pattern inspired by art deco pieces of the decade.

All you need is the cabinet and some washi tape to complete this hack—and perhaps the patience of Sarah of Home 2 Style who created this piece.

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Add Gold Touches

ikea bedside table

Christina Goldsmith / Instagram

Add a little bit of spice to a plain cabinet set by putting on gold drawer pulls and matching legs on it. This EKET-turned-bedside-table adds a glam elements to a room full of neutral colors, and we love how the legs bring the table up to the height of the bed.