Ikea Discontinues Expedit, Sends Internet Into Shock

Ikea announced today that it will discontinue its popular Expedit shelving series in April, effectively sending the Internet into shock. Storing vinyl records, books, and accessories, and even acting as a room divider, the decades-old design is a versatile staple in homes across the globe. The brand plans to replace the Expedit with a new model, Kallax, which seems identical but has thinner sides and rounded edges  and will supposedly be sturdier than its predecessor. Yet, the new design reportedly lacks a 5×5 unit, which is beloved by major collectors. via Lonny. "Save IKEA's Expedit" Facebook groups have launched in the U.S. and Germany petitioning the brand to reconsider its decision, and Expedit-philes have taken to Twitter to share their outcries. Let's take a look and see how the world is handling this new development:             Photographs: Lonny