The 5 Fall Home Décor Trends You'll Be Seeing Everywhere

fall trends


If you can't get enough of anything and everything IKEA, you're in good company. The Swedish home goods purveyor is famous for not only staying on-trend, but setting them as well, making the retailer a go-to when you want to switch up your home décor at the start of a new season. IKEA makes designing and redesigning interior spaces a totally attainable task, so no matter your budget, you'll be able to find something to make your space feel fresh and new again.

To help get your home ready for colder weather, we spoke with Abbey Stark, Senior Interior Design Leader, IKEA North America, to fill us in on the most important interior design trends of the season.

1. Use Bold Colors

bold colorful bedroom

This autumn is all about creating a personal and optimistic mood with unexpected and exaggerated color combinations and materials, according to Stark. “Make small but bold updates to refresh your home for the darker months ahead,” she suggests. 

While there are oh-so-many bold colors to choose from, she suggests taking a cue from the runway with a dose of bold purple. “This color is strong, beautiful, and unexpected in the home,” she explains. Making a visual statement with bold purple doesn’t have to cost you much. She suggests tossing a few accent pillows on your sofa or bed. If you want to go big, add a bold purple statement piece—like a sofa or chair. “Either choice you will not regret, life is meant to be lived boldly!” she advises.

purple throw pillow
IKEA GURLI Cushion Cover, Dark Lilac $4

2. Prioritize Sleep

cozy bedroom

Enjoying a good night of sleep is part of the new wellness regimen, Stark reminds us. “Creating a space of complete comfort is not just a dream, but one that needs to be a reality,” she explains.

A bedroom oasis should include layers of cozy blankets and pillows, a mattress that suits your comfort, black-out curtains, and a soothing scent, like lavender.

During the darker months, lighting becomes even more important. “Add task, general, and ambient lighting to use for various tasks—from reading in the evening to waking up in the dark mornings,” Stark adds. Also, consider using smart lighting so you can dim/adapt the light to different activities, so you always have the right light and mood.

ikea pendant lamp
IKEA KNIXHULT Pendant Lamp, Bamboo $40

3. Make Entertaining Cozy

pink living room

During the fall, the home becomes a much-needed retreat as well as a place of gathering. Stark suggests creating a cozy atmosphere by layering textiles in a color palette that exudes warmth. For example, toss a throw on an armchair or add extra pillows to a sofa. “Millennial pink has become a neutral with layers of texture, tone-on-tone textiles, natural materials, leather, warm wood tones, and velvet,” she explains. “It makes the perfect backdrop for hosting a gathering or a cozy night in—so pull out the bar cart and light the candles!” You can also integrate the SYMFONISK table lamp with speaker to have a jam session or create background music during a get-together. 

pink throw blanket

4. Bring the Outdoors In

sitting area with plants

In the changing season, Stark stresses the importance of bringing the outdoors in. “Greenery promotes wellness and creativity, and can add more life indoors during the darker months,” she says. Consider playing with height and a combination of plants for a perfect composition of different textures and variations of greens. Plants can also be incorporated into shelving units, architectural elements, and/or hang from the ceiling to add another point of interest.

IKEA FEJKA Potted Plant $50

5. Go Green

green kitchen

Green paint is one of the biggest trends of the year, and Stark maintains that green is the “it” color for kitchen cabinets. The earthy tone can help you create a kitchen that is ”warm, unique, and traditional with a modern twist.” She also suggests adding brass and matte black accents, “for the perfect marriage.” 

green kitchen cabinet
IKEA BODBYN 2 Door Corner Base Cabinet, Dark Green $135

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