This New App Will Change the Way You Shop at IKEA

Courtesy of Bemz

IKEA fans might need to sit down to hear this news: Today, the Swedish furniture giant announced the launch of IKEA Gift Registry, a unique app, online, and in-store experience that will allow shoppers to add their favorite products to a wish list.

"A gift registry has been on our customers' wish list for years," Ashley Wahl, IKEA Gift Registry project leader and CRM specialist, said in a press release. The new offering, she says, "makes it easy for your loved ones to help you celebrate your special moments, whether it's your wedding day, a new baby, an exciting move—or just any other reason to shower you with love."

The IKEA Gift Registry app will change the way you browse the store. Shoppers can use their phone to scan barcodes, enter article numbers, or even photograph the entire room to add every item to a gift registry. Guests can then choose to purchase those items in-store or online or contribute money toward a big-ticket item.

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