We Combed IKEA to Find Chic Halloween Décor—Shop Our 12-Piece Edit

Halloween decorations on a mantel

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Those who want to partake in seasonal décor without breaking the bank would do well to hunt for occasion-specific pieces that can also blend in with a space's day-to-day look. For example, for chic Halloween décor that can also work well for fall and the seasons beyond, that might mean seeking multi-purpose accents that can be dressed up for the theme—like candleholders or black and white cushion. Halloween decorations don't have to be a fleeting thing you buy each year and throw (or pack) away.

Don't believe us? We combed the IKEA website to find the best Halloween-inspired décor to get you started. From candle holders and spooky glass domes to pillar candles that'll give you chills, these stylish accents can be added to your Halloween-themed décor to add a dose of sophistication without being completely wasteful.

These are the chicest IKEA Halloween decorations we found—just add a few fake cobwebs, a low-watt bulb or two, and don your best costume idea.

Choose Halloween décor that you can mix-and-match throughout the seasons, long after you've packed away your costumes. Think classic shapes and neutral colors, and look for multi-functional elements.

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Fulltalig Candlestick

IKEA Fulltalig Candlestick $13.00

These candleholders would look chic any time of year, though with the addition of a few black or orange candles, they're easily transformed into Halloween décor. Place them in the middle of a dining table as a centerpiece, or add them to a console to help illuminate the Halloween buffet.

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HÖSTKVÄLL Decorative Pumpkin

IKEA HÖSTKVÄLL Decorative Pumpkins $6.00

This felt decorative pumpkin is totally Halloween-appropriate, and would also look great through Thanksgiving, too. The pumpkin would pair perfectly with minimalist interiors.

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Begavning Glass Dome

IKEA Begavning Glass Dome $10.00

Just think of the spooky items you could display under these glass domes (like "bloody eyeballs), or at the very least, use them as a cover and festive display for spooky-themed treats.

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Godafton LED Candles

Godafton LED candle
IKEA Godafton LED Candles, Set of 2 $8.00

Line your stairs with these mood-enhancing, LED pillar candles for a haunted look. For non-Halloween occasions, whip these out to add ambiance to a living room yoga flow, or use them as mood lighting during an evening Netflix binge.

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Fejka Artificial Potted Plant

IKEA Fejka Artificial Potted Plant $15.00

This trio of succulents is perfectly fall-appropriate with its deep red centers. For Halloween, dress it up with fake cobwebs, or add some strategic lighting to cast long shadows on the walls during a costume party.

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Oddrun Throw

IKEA Oddrun Throw $18.00

A cozy throw in a fall-appropriate pattern won't disrupt your Halloween décor. This wool throw is soft enough to wrap yourself in while you enjoy a crackling fire, and its plaid pattern is classic—meaning it'll look stylish year-round.

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Regolit Pendant Lamp Shade

IKEA Regolit Pendant Lamp Shade $5.00

Hang these lampshades in groups and light them with low-watt light bulbs for a dark and moody look. For the rest of the year, these lampshades are versatile enough to pair with midcentury-modern and sleek and chic décor vibes.

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Pepparkorn Vase

Pepparkorn vase in dark gray
IKEA Pepparkorn Vase $8.00

Display any type of fall foliage in these dark, smoky vases. These would also look great as part of a jack-o-lantern vignette on the front porch, apartment balcony, or windowsill.

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Stockholm Ottoman

IKEA Stockholm Ottoman $139.00

Display a few of these on the ground in a dark room, and they'll create a moody look while also serving as extra seating for guests. Its neutral color blends in throughout the year, in any space, be it the living room, bedroom, or children's playroom. And when not used for seating, place a tray over it and create a coffee table or nightstand in a pinch.

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Härliga Glass Dome

Härliga glass dome with base
IKEA Härliga Glass Dome With Base $10.00

Another glass dome option displays your Halloween decorations (like mini carved jack-o-lanterns), or a few air plants year-round. Situate this dome on the coffee table, or add it to a bookshelf vignette.

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Glittrig Candlesticks

Glittrig Candlesticks
IKEA Glittrig Candlesticks $20.00

Just add a few black wax candles to this trio of candlesticks, and you've got yourself a theme-appropriate display. Post-Halloween, add them to a monochrome-themed bedroom for a metallic touch, or mix-and-match them with heirloom items for a unique look.

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Stockholm Cushion

IKEA Stockholm Cushion $15.00

These geometric patterned pillows will add to a festive atmosphere around your living room during Halloween. During the rest of the year, pair these pillows with clean lines, natural light, and your favorite indoor plants.