IKEA Announces New Collaboration in a Mind-Bending Teaser Video

IKEA just released a spellbinding new video to announce their latest IKEA x HAY collaboration, polishing off the captivating teaser with a #curiousikea hashtag. The Swedish design company tapped their most creative and inventive minds for the symbolic video, which features a rolling, orb-like ball; a spool of thread labeled Ypperlig; a floating swatch of textured gray fabric; and a white, angular prism that begins to melt once the daylight touches it. The bare-bones video is set in an empty, white-walled apartment featuring herringbone wood floors and decorative wooden paneling. Directed by Morten Kühl Christensen from Kühl & Solvstrom, in accordance with Nikextension and Barkas, the gripping, one-minute video ends with a single sentence: "New collection in all IKEA stores 2017." We can't wait.

Watch the IKEA x HAY video announcement below, and pick up a few IKEA classics in the meantime.