IKEA's New Nature-Inspired Line Might Be Its Best Yet (Seriously)

It's not often we mark a product launch date in our diary, but that's exactly what we did when we saw the first images of IKEA's new limited-edition collection Hjärtelig. The stunning nature-inspired line might be the Swedish brand's most exciting release yet: Picture architectural blond wood and metal side tables, woven baskets, glass decorative objects, and minimalist terra-cotta planters.

The most unexpected items? Yoga accessories. Designed with health and well-being in mind, the collection includes a yoga bag with a special compartment for your mat and a yoga strap. Be among the first to see the new products here, and then shop them in-store in April.

IKEA Nightstand ($40)

This sculptural side table is made from stained, clear-lacquered solid pine.

IKEA Duvet Cover Set ($70)

The collection includes bedding, too, like this soft cotton duvet set.

IKEA Plant Pot ($12)

This planter has a trellis so vines can climb up the side.

This mouth-blown glass dome with a stoneware base is a unique decorative object.

IKEA Headboard ($49)

This wall-mounted headboard is a smart, easy way to update your bedroom.

IKEA Block Candle ($5)

We're all for these gorgeous unscented candles.

IKEA Yoga Strap ($4)

Yogis: Add this strap to your cart for just $4.

IKEA Yoga Block ($13)

These yoga blocks are made from sustainable cork.

IKEA Yoga Bag ($15)

Slot your yoga mat into this specially designed tote.

IKEA Basket ($30)

Organize your home with this seagrass basket.

IKEA Basket ($18)

Stash stray items in this natural woven tray—it's just $18.

IKEA Platform ($75)

This basic pine platform works indoors or outdoors.

We're obsessed with this cool bench and clothes rack—it's ideal for narrow spaces like a hallway.

IKEA Scented Candles ($8)

Fill your newly decorated space with a soothing scent.

IKEA Decorative Boxes (6)

Store knickknacks in the lidded stoneware box and grow a vine up the matching one with a trellis.

IKEA Room Divider ($99)

Divide an open-plan space with this natural, solid-pine room divider.

IKEA Bed Canopy ($99)

Turn your bedroom into a relaxing retreat with this hanging bed canopy—it's just $99.

IKEA Vase ($10)

This science lab–like vase hardly looks budget.

IKEA Jewelry Holder ($8)

Put your jewelry on display when you're not wearing it with these glass ring holders.

IKEA Jewelry Dish ($13)

Pair it with the matching jewelry tray to complete your vanity.

IKEA Jewelry Bowl ($3)

This glass jewelry bowl is an understated, minimalist addition to your bedroom.

IKEA Throw ($25)

Toss this 100% linen throw over your sofa to create a comfortable nook.

IKEA Plant Pot ($16)

Start a spring herb garden with this planter, complete with a trellis for your climbing beans. 

IKEA Carafe With Glass ($8)

Keep this carafe-and-glass set on your nightstand or desk to stay hydrated.

IKEA Hangers ($5)

Ditch your old dry-cleaner wire hangers for these rattan ones.

IKEA Back Cushion ($35)

This back cushion is made from cotton and linen.

IKEA Floor Cushion ($99)

Host a garden party and arrange these floor cushions on the grass.

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