24 IKEA Ivar Cabinet Hacks to Go From Basic to Bold

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IKEA is one of our favorite places to shop, full stop. The store carries tons of textiles, décor items, and, of course, basic furniture items that you can hack. IKEA hacks are a great option if you're looking for a custom piece of furniture at an affordable price, and perhaps one of the most hackable pieces from IKEA is the Ivar cabinet.

Ivar is made of solid pine, with two interior shelves for storage. Wooden doors keep clutter hidden, although some people choose to remove them for a custom look. The unit comes without legs, but you can buy some from IKEA to add if you'd like. You can also source your own legs or attach the unit to the wall as a floating console.

The possibilities are endless, but enough of us talking about it. Here are 24 ideas from users on Instagram that are sure to inspire your next DIY IKEA Ivar Hack.

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Add Gold Accents

ikea ivar hack


A little gold can go a long way. By adding gold handles and legs, these Ivar cabinets are not only literally elevated, but they look pretty luxe, too.

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Channel Midcentury Vibes

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There's something particularly groovy about orange-toned hues and hairpin legs. This chevron pattern fits right in with the rest of the décor in this house, and we love how the small white stripe accents the white legs.

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Create Cane Cutouts

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Cane cutouts are everywhere and have been for a while, but cane furniture can get pricey. Create your own cane credenza with two IKEA Ivar cabinets, some cane, and a saw. Simply cut some organic shapes into the doors, place cane along the backside, and paint the cabinets your desired color.

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Make a Desk Base

ikea ivar hack


Want built-in storage? Use a couple (or a few) Ivar cabinets as a base for a desk. You can place a long piece of wood on top to act as your desk surface, or you could even use a piece of countertop if you're feeling extra fancy.

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Double Up Cabinets

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Create a wardrobe-like storage system by stacking two Ivars on top of one another. If you have a tall, narrow space to fill in your home, this may be the perfect storage solution for you.

You can even add cane doors for some flair if you'd like.

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Create a Changing Space

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If you need a changing space for a little one with some built-in storage, pushing two cabinets together back-to-back is a great option. Not only will you have space for diapers and clothing, but you'll also have a large enough space on top to change the baby.

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Add Herringbone Fronts

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Creating a statement can be as simple as jazzing up the door fronts on the unit. You can buy custom doors if your budget allows, but it's also really easy to build upon the doors the unit comes with.

You can buy thin wood and cut it to size to create the slats in the herringbone for this project, or you could even cut paint stir sticks to size, arrange, and stain them for a similar look.

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Opt for Monochrome

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Sometimes, a simple upgrade can make the biggest impact. This navy unit is sleek in its monochrome coloring, but the tambour doors add a bit more texture and visual interest.

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Lean Into Scandi Vibes

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We love a good Scandinavian-inspired piece, and this one is no exception. By painting the unit white, it seamlessly blends into the wall—and the natural wood slats add a graphic touch.

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Create a Credenza

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If you stick two Ivar cabinets together, you can easily create a long credenza for way less than buying one. We love the way the middle doors were removed for this project, creating an open look—all finished off with a graphic wallpaper backing.

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Opt for a Bright Bar Space

ikea ivar hack


Add some cheer to your home with a bright, colorful cabinet. This Ivar was hacked into a bar cabinet, complete with hanging storage for glasses. The pink chevron pattern inside actually mirrors a turquoise one on the doors, too.

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Make a Minimal and Modern Mounted Piece

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The cabinets may not look like a modern piece when you pick them up in-store, but with a little elbow grease, they can transform into a museum-worthy piece. By painting the unit black and using dowels on one door (and leaving the other open), you'll create a minimal, sleek unit that can be mounted on the wall for a floating effect.

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Swap the Top

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The doors add a ton of interest to this piece, but can we talk about how even just changing the color of the top of the cabinets makes it look brand new? The wood beautifully contrasts the teal color of the cabinets, making it look like one cohesive unit.

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Use Candy-Colored Hues

ikea ivar hack


There's no excuse to not be playful when you're working on an IKEA hack. Bright colors are so fun to experiment with, and you can even use them to colorblock or shape certain elements of your piece, just like on this lavender, pink, and yellow cabinet.

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Add Wooden Details

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If all-black isn't your thing, you can bring in some natural elements by adding wood slats to one of the Ivar doors. The best part? You can leave the wood natural or stain it to match other pieces in your home.

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Dowels for Detail

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There's something about the round shape of dowels that always seems more visually interesting than tambour. These dowels make a great custom door on one side of this bar cabinet, and they act as an asymmetric detail on the other.

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Hang Upper Cabinets

ikea ivar hack


Building a custom kitchen? Save on upper cabinets by mounting IKEA Ivar units to the wall. You can leave them as-is for a natural look, or you could paint, stain, or wallpaper the doors for something more custom. You can also add any kind of hardware you would like.

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Or Create Lower Cabinets

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Forget buying cabinet boxes for that awkward, small corner of the kitchen. Create your own counter by adding some Ivar cabinets. You can paint them to match your kitchen cabinets and use contact paper to imitate a countertop.

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Make Children's Storage

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Toys and games can look cluttered on open shelving, so closed storage is key for homes with kids. These three Ivar units are stacked next to and atop one another for tons of low-profile storage, all while still looking fun and clean. The legs really add a touch of whimsy thanks to their fun shape and color.

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Paint a New Pattern

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This piece looks like a full-blown wardrobe. Stacked upon three drawers, the Ivar unit could serve as a place to hang shorter garments or still be shelving. The organic chevron pattern adds a boho touch.

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Create an Art Piece

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There truly are no limits when it comes to painting a piece of furniture, just as this Ivar hack demonstrates. Beautiful, hand-painted moths make this hack more of an art piece than a storage piece.

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Use Wallpaper for Pattern

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Tired of painting or want more of a pattern? You can use either traditional or peel and stick wallpaper to jazz up your Ivar doors. This cheetah pattern is neutral, yet still adds a bold pop in this moody room.

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Bring in Bright Hues

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Contrasting bold, bright colors with natural materials is *chef's kiss*. The cane doors on this piece make it feel somewhat boho, but the electric blue brings it back to modern day.

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Use Contrasting Colors

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Blending a unit in with a wall is a great way to make a room feel bigger, and painting the inside of the cabinet is an unexpected pop of color. This red and blue combo is a classic, and we love the matching red lamp.