This Black Detox Hot Dog Is Japan's New Food Trend

Japanese foodies are no strangers to boundary-pushing meals, but there's a new trend that has critics divided: the Ninja Dog. An addition to the restaurant menu at IKEA stores throughout Japan, the curious creation has a black bun and sausage and is smothered in bright mustard and ketchup.

According to IKEA Japan, the Ninja Dog contains edible bamboo charcoal, which "is said to have detox properties." While activated charcoal has garnered attention in the wellness world as a natural way to rid your body of toxins, there's still little evidence to suggest eating small amounts of the non-activated substance hold any real benefit, so the Ninja Dog might not be the guilt-free treat you'd hoped for.

Surprisingly, it's not the first jet-black treat in the fast-food world. Business Insider reports that Korean outlets have been selling black-bun hot dogs for years, such as the gourmet snack pictured above. In 2014, Burger King Japan even released its own take on the curious trend. Nevertheless, the new IKEA product has been met with intrigue by shoppers and critics, who have taken to Instagram to share their reviews. Here's what the bizarre snack looks like in real life:


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If you prefer hot dogs the American way, shop Crate and Barrel's Sausage Grilling Basket ($8), but either way, tell us if you'd be game to try the charcoal treat.