If You Own IKEA Storage You Also Need These Genius Products

Courtesy of IKEA

Our relationship with IKEA is quite predictable: We turn to the brand for affordable, simple flat-pack furniture then brainstorm creative ways to customize and transform them with hacks. Even top interior designers find a way to work its pieces into a room's overall look. For example, they turn to IKEA's colorful, $10 pillows to amp up a room's energy, place a Lack console table in the dining room for use as a serving table, and select its sleek, minimalistic hardware to instantly modernize a space.

Favorite IKEA Hacks

And speaking of customized hacks, nothing says chic and crafty like transforming an IKEA desk into a bar cabinet, creating a comfy floor cushion from Signe rugs, and revamping a Kallax shelving unit into a reading bench. IKEA customization is so popular that entire companies are built on catering to it, like Norse Interiors; this company lets you personalize some of IKEA's most popular drawers with elegant, stenciled designs.

We've become accustomed to this routine, but IKEA's 2017 product release changes everything. In 2017, the Swedish furniture brand launched the Kallax collection, a series of accessories that could be considered IKEA's own version of a, well, IKEA hack. The collection includes hanging organizers, clip-on baskets, and removable storage units that customize the Kallax shelf unit, one of the store's most popular, versatile items.

The inserts, which start at $10, were designed so that the classic shelf series can be "refreshed and personalized to maximize storage," the press release explains. One of the standout accessories is a leather and fabric hanging organizer, which wraps around a shelf to add personality and a touch of Scandinavian style.

Courtesy of IKEA

Made from real leather, this fabric hanging organizer gives a basic white storage unit a Scandinavian touch. IKEA suggests storing everything from bottles and napkins, to scarves and gloves. We love how this organizer can turn dead space into a practical storage area.

Kallax Organizer
IKEA Kallax Organizer $15
Courtesy of IKEA

This nickel-plated geometric basket perfectly sits under an IKEA shelf to maximize space. Similar to the fabric hanging organizer, we can move this basket anywhere we might need extra storage.

Kallax Wire Basket
IKEA Kallax Wire Basket $12
Courtesy of IKEA

Add color and create small storage compartments with this shelf divider, which slots easily into place. Organize your favorite books, important files, and more.

Kallaz Shelf Divider
IKEA Kallaz Shelf Divider $15

In addition to IKEA's Kallax collection, we're also fans of their 2017 PS line, including its durable gray corner chair makes the perfect reading nook, a smart floor lamp that instantly ups a room's cool vibes, and a wooden stool we're sure will be the center of all the best IKEA hacks in 2017.

And to complement all of those IKEA home styling tips, we think that organization can be just as chic. To get started, we've got savvy organization tips for your home office, genius small-kitchen ideas, and closet hacks from a celebrity closet designer.

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