If You Own IKEA Storage You Need This Genius New Product


Courtesy of IKEA

Our relationship with IKEA is quite predictable: We turn to the brand for affordable, simple flat-pack furniture then brainstorm creative ways to customize and transform them with hacks. We've become accustomed to this routine, but IKEA's latest product release changes everything.

Today, the Swedish furniture brand launched the Kallax collection, a series of accessories that could be considered IKEA's own version of a, well, IKEA hack. The collection includes hanging organizers, clip-on baskets, and removable storage units that customize the Kallax shelf unit, one of the store's most popular, versatile items.

The inserts, which start at $10, were designed so that the classic shelf series can be "refreshed and personalized to maximize storage," the press release explains. One of the standout accessories is a leather and fabric hanging organizer, which wraps around a shelf to add personality and a touch of Scandinavian style.

Shop IKEA's new Kallax collection and find out how to style them in your home.