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16 IKEA Kura Bed Hacks That Are Sure to Impress Your Little Ones

Kura bed hacks


You might be familiar with the concept of reversible jackets or hats, but at IKEA—the ultimate hackable home-décor brand—there's a reversible bed on offer that's as fun to decorate as it sounds. The famed Kura bed was designed to be used as either a low-profile bed or when turned upside down, a loft bed with a built-in ladder.

But, in a world where Pinterest remains loaded with endless inspiration and DIY projects have become the ultimate form of personal customization, the two-in-one IKEA bed has taken on a whole new role.

From guest room bunks to child-friendly hideouts, here are 16 Kura bed hacks so good, you'll have to try them for yourself. 

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Build a Treehouse

kura bed acts


A run to the hardware store, a bit of elbow grease, and some basic knowledge of power tools can completely transform the Kura bed into a dream treehouse (sans the actual tree, of course). Flip the bed into the high-profile position and build a structure on the top half. Aside from the fact that it's actually indoors, any child would be excited to climb into this high-hanging house.

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Create a Reading Nook

kura bed hacks


The space under the Kura bed (when flipped to the high-profile side) is just the right place to create a comfortable reading nook. A mini bookshelf fits perfectly to organize and inspire reading, and the addition of pillows and throws will make it comfy enough to spend hours here.

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Make It a Bunk Bed

kura bed hacks


Although the IKEA Kura bed is technically a single, it's common for dwellers to convert it into a classic bunk bed. Flip it to the high-profile side and place a second mattress on the floor directly under the top bunk. And voilá, you have yourself two beds for the price of one.

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Hang Plants Over the Side

kura bed hacks


The railing on your Kura bed is a blank canvas, and the possibilities are truly endless. We love the idea of attaching a hanging pot holder to the structure and allowing ivy (real or faux) to drape over the sides. It's also a perfect place to hang a side-of-the-bed organizer for storing books, chargers, and other nightstand essentials.

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Make It a Minimal Bed

kura bed hacks


The Kura bed comes complete with white side panels along the frame. Remove those and you have yourself a solid pine structure that feels effortless and looks minimalist cool.

When used in a low-profile position, the space underneath makes for extra storage or creates the look of a floating bed.

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Replace the Panels With Cane Webbing

kura bed hacks


If you're removing the side panels, but prefer not to keep an open space, get creative with replacing the plain white panels for something with a bit more personality. This girls' room with cane webbing attached to the wooden structure looks boho in the best way.

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Decorate With Wallpaper

kura bed hacks


Another way to decorate the existing white panels of the Kura bed comes courtesy of our favorite DIY material. Peel and stick wallpaper is easy to use—much easier than painting by hand—and adds so much personality to any space.

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Paint the Panels

kura bed hack


By far one of the easiest and quite possibly most impactful updates for the Kura bed involves only a single can of paint. Overhaul the white panels for a color that ties your space together. We especially love how the black panels on this bed make the wooden frame pop.

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Personalize It

kura bed hacks


What better way to update a blank canvas of a side panel than to personalize it with your child's name? To recreate this look, use a stencil, stickers, or, if you're feeling artsy, freehand with a brush and paint. We also love how this space plays with proportions, using the reversible bed in both ways side-by-side to create one low-profile bed and one loft-style bed with a secret hang-out space.

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Make It a Playhouse

kura bed hack


Just because it started out as a bed, doesn't mean it can't evolve into something completely out of the box. The Kura bed acted as the structure for this two-story playhouse complete with windows, flower boxes, shutters, exterior stairs and shiplap covering. It may not be a bed, but you could find us catching some Zs in this mini home.

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Make It a Canopy Bed

Kura bed hacks

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When used as a low-profile bed, the wooden slats overhead make for a perfect frame to create a gorgeous canopy. Before assembling the pieces, slide the slats through the loops of your favorite curtains. To create a clean and custom look, cut and hem the bottom of the curtains to fit just right, with the bottom barely grazing the floor.

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Make It a Sleeping Pod

kura bed hack


There's nothing cooler than sleeping in a pod, and IKEA made it easier than ever to transform your Kura bed. This polyester pop-up snaps right on to instantly create a cozy nook, perfect for naps, reading, and (given the print) stargazing.

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Make It a Lighting Source

kura bed hack


Overhead slats on the Kura bed are just the right structure to create the coolest nightlight on the block. Break out twinkle or fairy lights for some sparkle overhead. Wrap them around each beam or string them across for a whimsical look.

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Stain the Frame

kura bed hacks


The frame on this IKEA staple is made of pure pine wood, which makes it perfect for staining. A darker stain on the frame gives this bed a boho feel. The right throw pillows and wall accents help set the scene, too.

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Create a Work-From-Home Balance

kura bed hacks


Whether it's home schooling or after-school hobbies, it's important to separate a work area from your sleep sanctuary. Creating a loft-style bed over a computer setup keeps things streamlined, and stylish to boot.

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Make It Look Expensive

kura bed hack


If there was ever a doubt that you could make an under-$200 bed look expensive, allow this setup to make you rethink everything. The addition of a floral print along the base, gorgeous bedding, and luxe velvet curtains suspended from the frame make this room look like a million bucks.