IKEA Inspires Play With New DreamWorks Toy Collaboration

Just in time to generate some pre-holiday buzz, IKEA has announced a new selection of modern children’s toys. The Lattjo collection features an array of digital and analog games, costumes, musical instruments, and toys that are perfect for parents and children to play with together. To promote the line, IKEA has teamed up with DreamWorks to create a series of 25 short films that showcase the Lattjo characters.

Inspired by insects, animals, roots, and vegetation, the Lattjo world is abstract, colorful, and imaginative. Instead of having a castle at the center of its fantastical make-believe land, Lattjo has a fun house! There’s also an underworld that seems dark at first, but is actually quite luminous and encourages children to search for what is hiding beneath the surface.

The cast of characters is eclectic: There’s an eagle who doesn’t fly because he’s afraid of heights, a secret service team of elite bats, and a vegetarian vampire—to name a few. Here we present our exclusive first look at some of the creative toys. 

Excited by the Lattjo collection? It won’t be at IKEA until November. In the meantime, shop IKEA’s arts and crafts toys now. 

What do you think of Lattjo?