IKEA's New Product Lets You Grow Herbs Year-Round

Updated 09/23/16

Fresh herbs can transform a dish in seconds. It’s so rewarding to grow your own herbs and sprinkle them on a meal, but when the season changes, it can be tough for plants to thrive. Enter IKEA’s new product. According to Inhabitat, the Swedish giant is set to launch a hydroponic garden that will keep plants alive year-round and change the way you grow fresh herbs at home.

Black thumbs, take note: The smart new product aims to take much of the guesswork out of indoor gardening and significantly simplify the process. The planter comes complete with special foam, which is used in place of soil to germinate seeds. Once sprouted, seedlings are transferred to a small pot filled with water-absorbent pumice stones. The planter is equipped with a solar lamp so plants receive nourishment year-round. It even has a built-in sensor to warn you if your herb garden is over or under-watered.

Keen to grow your own foolproof herb garden? IKEA plans to launch the Krydda/Växer planter in April 2016. Watch the video to find out more.

Give your herb garden a touch of luxe with the product below, and then visit Inhabitat to read more.

Poketo Watering Can $98

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