12 Times IKEA Lighting Made the Room

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Without a doubt, lighting is one of the most transformative things you can do in a room, but that doesn't mean you need to spend a fortune on it. Just like all those clever IKEA hacks that turn something simple into something incredibly chic, IKEA lighting can take any space from bland to statement-making at the flick of a switch.

1. Natural Texture

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Jonas Berg for Stadshem

If there's one IKEA pendant lamp we see time and time again, it's the Sinnerlig. This woven beauty is handcrafted from sustainable bamboo, so every shade emits its own unique quality. The soft, glowing light from this lovely lamp is the perfect welcome home. 

IKEA Sinnerlig Pendant Lamp $70

2. Light and Airy

55 Kvadrat

This pendant light is perfect for those who love the bright and airy look. It's like having your own fluffy little cloud indoors. This is ideal for creating a soft and cozy atmosphere because it diffuses the light across the room.

You can personalize it simply by crumpling the paper layers into your desired shape.

IKEA Krusning Pendant Lamp $20

3. Industrial

Krista Keltenan

If you want to add a dash of industrial flair to your dining room, then the large-scale Foto lamp will take you there. This is ideally suited to areas where you want directed light, so a dining table or bar area would be perfect.

IKEA Foto Pendant Lamp $30

4. Modern Minimalism

55 Kvadrat

Sollefteå is the perfect pendant for the modern minimalist. If you prefer lighting that doesn't overtake the room but still makes its presence known, then you've come to the right place. This decorative paper lamp spreads a soft light for that cozy, relaxed atmosphere we all love and crave.

IKEA Sollefteå Pendant Lamp Shade $8

5. Metallic Accents

Sara Medina Lind

This stylish spotlight is ideal for reading in bed. We love the chic metallic touch on the industrial piece, too.

IKEA Ranarp Wall Clamp Spotlight $20

6. Intimate

Fantastic Frank

Small homes usually combine two spaces in one, just like this small dining room and kitchen. Lighting is key if you want to blend the two seamlessly, and the Melodi pendant lamp is great for bringing directed light into the space that's still soft and atmospheric.

IKEA Melodi Pendant Lamp $10

7. Whimsical

Daniella Witte for Elle Decoration Sweden

Kids' rooms are typically jam-packed with personality and a lot of fun. They're the one place where you throw out the rule book and combine patterns, color, and kitsch with flair. This looks great, and the kids love it, of course, but in order to rein it all in under the stylish umbrella (and make sure it still blends with the rest of the house), insert a Regolit pendant paper shade. It's only $5, yet it instantly elevates the room while giving it a subtle glow.

IKEA Regolit Paper Pendant Lamp $5

8. Clean and White


Decorative floor lamps are a great way to accent an empty corner or tricky space. This stylish option gives a modern factory-like appeal with its adjustable arm and metallic accents. The Ranarp floor lamp can turn a tricky corner into a cute reading nook, too. 

IKEA Ranarp Floor and Reading Lamp $50

9. Statement Lighting

Jonas Bjerre-Poulsen for Norm.Architects

If you're looking for dynamic lighting with a dash of feminine flair, reach for the stunning Grimsas pendant lamp during your next IKEA visit. This stunning image proves just how much lighting can really elevate a sparse, modern room.

IKEA Grimsas Pendant Lamp $50

10. Ornate

Krista Keltanen

This quirky kid's bedroom is a childhood dream, complete with unicorn wall ornament and ornate chandelier. It's eclectic, chic, and downright cool. 

IKEA Kristaller Chandelier $40

11. Urban


Subway tiles, warm wood accents, a touch of greenery, and hip hanging pendant lamps give this urban kitchen the stylish green light. The slate shade of the Hektar pendant is subtle, but the style is a standout.

IKEA Hektar Pendant Lamp $60

12. Cozy Reading Nook

James Henry for Homes to Love

This simple yet stylish reading nook beckons every eager bookworm to its corner. This large-scale floor lamp adds a touch of 1940s industrial feel to any home.

IKEA Hektar Floor Lamp $50

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