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IKEA’S Newest Line Is Full of Chic Home Décor—for Your Beloved Cats and Dogs

IKEA pet line


For too long, it’s seemed impossible to curate a chic home that celebrates our favorite little friends: our cats and dogs. Though we’d love to treat our fuzzy buddies to things like scratching posts, dog beds, and cat toys, we also know these pet-friendly products are liable to clutter our abodes—and diminish the aesthetics we’ve so carefully cultivated. Our pets deserve better. Our homes deserve better. And really, don’t we deserve better, too?

Thankfully, IKEA has come to our collective rescue. Its latest line, LURVIG, is chock full of products specifically designed to accommodate cats and dogs. True to form, every product from the LURVIG collection is as sleek and minimalist as anything else you’d find at IKEA, so it’ll seamlessly fit into any room in your house (without wrecking your aesthetic, of course).

The coolest thing about IKEA’s LURVIG collection is actually not that the brand has finally put an end to “cute homes” and “pet-friendly homes” being mutually exclusive. (Though that is very, very cool.) It’s the fact that the entire LURVIG line was designed with input from pet-loving designers and trained veterinarians. “We created IKEA’s cat and dog home collection from the perspective of the “real” experts—our pets,” IKEA writes in its press kit. “By using our pets’ natural needs and behaviors as starting points, LURVIG covers all the bases of our shared life with our furry loved ones.” A line as focused on function as it is on form? Yes, please.

IKEA’s research revealed that pets tend to enjoy a few core activities: sleeping, eating, playing, exercising, and being close to their owners. So the brand designed the LURVIG line with these needs in mind. But IKEA didn’t stop there: The brand acknowledged that while cats and dogs are similar in these major ways, they’re also very different in other ways. Every animal has a unique personality, for example. So IKEA made sure that LURVIG products would be available in an array of colors, patterns, and textures. 

Got an outgoing dog who loves to track mud inside? Opt for a waterproof blanket in a vibrant print. Got a reserved cat who loves to snuggle up all day? A plush mat in a more subdued palette might better fit their vibe. No matter what pet necessity you’re looking for, you can likely find it in IKEA’s LURVIG line—rendered chicly, conveniently, and affordably, too. 

The pet paradise your furry friends have been dreaming about awaits. And the chic, pet-friendly home you’ve been fantasizing about does, too.

cat house on legs
IKEA LURVIG Cat House on Legs $55.00

A sleek nightstand that doubles as a mansion for your cat? This LURVIG product sounds too good to be true—and the convenience doesn’t stop there. The straw motif on the front doubles as a scratching post. The bold half-door opening keeps your cat feeling safe. And you can remove the legs at any time to hang the cat house on your wall—or pop it into one of IKEA’s shelving units.

dog toy
IKEA LURVIG Dog Toy, Black $3.00

This squishy little ball isn’t your average dog toy. The opening allows you to pop a treat inside, creating a game that’ll entertain your pup for hours. And the textured surface facilitates play, giving your dog something to bite and hold onto—while cleaning their teeth at the same time.

orange pet cushion
IKEA LURVIG Orange Cushion $20.00

Perfect for cats and dogs, this cushion will make a vibrant addition to any room in your home. Not only is the cushion soft and welcoming, but the cover is machine washable, making it incredibly easy to keep a clean house.

scratching mat
IKEA LURVIG Scratching Mat $8.00

Got a cat that loves your furniture a little too much? This sleek scratching mat easily wraps around any furniture leg to preserve your favorite pieces, while giving your furry friend a place to play.

cushion for pet bed
IKEA LURVIG Cover for Pet Bed $4.00

Looking to spruce up your pet-friendly paradise without breaking the bank? IKEA recommends filling this pet bed cover with clothes you don’t wear anymore. Not only will they offer a little plushness to your DIY bed, but they’ll also leave the cushion smelling like you, which will make your cat feel even safer and cozier. (Pro tip: These are great for travel, because you can easily empty them, fold them up, and then refill them once you reach your destination.)

anti-shock leash
IKEA LURVIG Anti-Shock Leash $15.00

IKEA’s LURVIG line offers a range of leashes in all kinds of vibrant colors (emerald greens, bright oranges, and the like). But these leashes aren’t just cute—they’re specifically designed to reduce strain on the dog’s back and yours. 

white dog bowl
IKEA LURVIG Bowl, White $2.00

IKEA noticed that cats tend to eat with their necks lifted a little higher, whereas dogs are more likely to need snacks on the go. The designers created a range of bowls to fit these different behaviors accordingly. This budget-friendly option works for both cats and dogs, and it was created with no-slip material along the bottom. So if your pet loves to push their bowl around—or knock it over entirely—this crisp white option might be the bowl for them.

pet travel bag
IKEA LURVIG Pet Travel Bag $25.00

Cats tend to feel safer in cozy, enclosed spaces, and IKEA’s designers created this travel bag with that in mind. All but one of the sides is covered, helping your cat feel secure, whether you’re taking them on a trip or simply down the street to the vet.

cat house with pad
IKEA LURVIG Cat House With Pad $10.00

Fans of millennial pink will surely appreciate this cozy cat bed, which can easily accommodate any of the cat bed cushions in the LURVIG line. Simply plop it on the floor or slide it into one of IKEA’s corresponding shelving units, and watch as your cat has an absolute field day. (Pro tip: Connect the LURVIG play tunnel to the hole in the cat bed to render your pet paradise even more palatial.)

black triangle blanket
IKEA LURVIG Blanket, Black Triangle $20.00

Dogs love blankets, but not all blankets love dogs. (What can we say? Some textiles can withstand mud, water, and general wear-and-tear, and some simply cannot.) This sleek throw is bold enough to complement your favorite home décor, but neutral enough not to overwhelm it. It’s also water-resistant and great for car travel.

pet dog with pad
IKEA LURVIG Ped Bed With Pad $40.00

Flip this pet bed one way to create an elevated hangout for your furry friend. Flip it the other way to create a cozy nook. Or alternate between the two to see which your pet prefers. This pet bed is perfect for cats and dogs, alike—and its felt floor protectors are sure to leave your hardwoods in pristine shape.