11 Must-Haves From IKEA's New Self-Care-Themed Collection

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IKEA BASTUA collection launch


It's no secret that IKEA's collaborations are legendary with collections by design and cultural icons like Sabine Marcelis, Virgil Abloh, and even Solange Knowles in their roster.

Next up? IKEA and Finnish design house, Marimekko. The brands teamed up for their first-ever collaboration, available March 1. Rooted in Nordic sauna culture, the new launch is filled with everything you need before, during and after your sauna experience.

"We can't talk about Nordic lifestyle or Nordic well-being without sauna," Minna Kemell-Kutvonen, the design director of home & print design at Marimekko, tells MyDomaine.

Though the concept of sauna culture might be unfamiliar, the principles of self care, community, and taking time for yourself in nature are found everywhere.

While the brands share some Nordic philosophies, Marimekko brought its signature bold prints and joy-inducing colors to the collaboration while IKEA brought its efficient take on design. The launch brings 26 new styles decked out in four brand-new prints by Marimekko.

"Everything is really functional and simple, but you shouldn't underestimate that part of just getting happy over a colorful print," Mikael Axelsson, designer at IKEA, says.

Keep reading for the finds we're adding to our cart ASAP.

IKEA x Marimekko BASTUA Pitcher, Clear Glass

BASTUA clear glass pitcher


After a long afternoon at the sauna, hydration is a must. This faceted pitcher is perfect for summer evenings spent hosting soirees or afternoons relaxing by the pool. The design of the pitcher naturally reflects light, leading to a colorful display on your table.

IKEA x Marimekko BASTUA Glass, Clear Glass

BASTUA glasses


It wouldn't be a party without matching glasses, and as an added bonus, these are dishwasher and microwave-safe too. We love how the design of these glasses pair perfectly with the pitcher, making for a perfect summer hosting set.

IKEA x Marimekko BASTUA Floor Cushion, Outdoor Leaf Pattern/Orange/Green

IKEA Bastua Floor Cushion


Create a seating area anywhere with these portable floor cushions. Washable and adorned with a bright and poppy rhubarb print, these cushions can be used to lounge post-sauna or to create a makeshift modular sofa when you have guests over.

IKEA x Marimekko BASTUA Bench, Solid Birch

IKEA Bastua Bench


This bench may be a natural fit inside any sauna, but it has plenty of uses outside of the heat too. With clean lines and a softly-curved seat, we love this as an entryway or mudroom seat or a place to sit in a bathroom. Made with birch, the BASTUA bench will bring a touch of Nordic design to any home.

IKEA x Marimekko BASTUA Shopping Bag, Pink

IKEA Bastua shopping bag


It wouldn't be an IKEA product list without a shopping bag mention. IKEA bags are known for their durability, but we can't get enough of this design. The pink stripes add a touch of whimsy to everyday errands, and both the short and long straps make for easy transport.

IKEA x Marimekko BASTUA Kimono, Leaf Pattern Blue

IKEA Kimono


This robe is perfect for relaxing post-sauna or just getting ready to start your day. The pattern was inspired by rhubarb leaves that sometimes grow outside of Finnish sauna buildings in colors reminiscent of a Finnish summer.

IKEA x Marimekko BASTUA Side Table, Birch Veneer

IKEA BASTUA side table


An easy-going, small space-approved side table is a smart addition to any room that needs extra table tops.

“Nordic furniture design has always been characterized by clean lines and simple constructions that focus on function," Axelsson says. "The BASTUA side table is my take on this heritage.”

IKEA x Marimekko BASTUA Tray, Blue/Green



If you're looking to add some more pattern to your BASTUA side table, this tray was smartly designed to nestle right on top. We're partial to this blue-green design, which is meant to emulate the shape of chopped logs that heat Finnish saunas.

IKEA x Marimekko BASTUA LED Lantern, Battery-Operated White



Any late night soiree is in need of good lighting. That's where this BASTUA lantern comes in. Powered by LED lights, we think this is a natural addition to any outdoor space or a living room in need of some extra ambiance.

IKEA x Marimekko BASTUA Bath Sheet, Blue/Orange

IKEA BASTUA bath sheet


We're huge fans of bath sheets: the larger, cozier version of your favorite towels. This happy blue and orange pattern is the epitome of everything we love about Marimekko, namely the joyful, fun prints that make any day a little brighter.

IKEA x Marimekko BASTUA Rack with 5 Knobs, Solid Birch

IKEA BASTUA wall hooks


IKEA does smart organizing, and this wall rack is no different. With an unexpected, faceted design, each rack is unique with its own grain pattern. Use it to hang your towels and robes, or even to organize your front entryway.