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Cool People Everywhere Are Decorating With These IKEA Mirrors

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If there's one easy trick to make a space look bigger, it's by adding a mirror. In even the smallest of rooms, mirrors will reflect natural light and space to give an expansive effect that you normally would not have in a regular room. But those of us with small spaces (and small budgets) know mirrors can get expensive fast. Between a full length floor mirror for your bedroom, a vanity mirror for your bathroom, and a statement mirror for your entryway, you can easily set yourself back thousands of dollars.

This is why stylists everywhere have one source that they turn to again and again for affordable mirrors: IKEA. Though the big box store offers plenty of basic options, IKEA also has some seriously stylish mirrors. We handpicked these from the IKEA website to bring you the best mirrors for every type of space. We bet you won't regret adding these to your cart.

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Storjorm Mirror

Storjorm mirror
IKEA Storjorm Mirror $99.00

No natural light in your bathroom? No problem—this IKEA mirror with built-in light is the next best thing. This mirror would also look great above a vanity.

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Stockholm Mirror

IKEA Stockholm Mirror, 31 1/2" $119.00

The classic Stockholm mirror has been around for a while, and for good reason. This ash veneer round mirror is an IKEA favorite.

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Ikornnes Table Mirror

Ikorness table mirror
IKEA Ikornnes Table Mirror $30.00

This mirror functions in multiple ways. You can lean it like a frame on a table or vanity, but you can also hang it and the stand becomes a small shelf.

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Hovet Mirror

IKEA Hovet Mirror $119.00

Everyone needs an extra-large leaning floor mirror, and this is IKEA's best. It's simple enough to blend in with any style, from midcentury modern to boho.

If you want to make a small space feel a little bigger and brighter, add a mirror.

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Ikornnes Floor Mirror

Ikorness floor mirror
IKEA Ikornnes Floor Mirror $129.00

For a modern Scandinavian look, try this rounded standing mirror. It's sleek enough for even the smallest spaces.

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Knapper Floor Mirror

Ikea Knapper Floor Mirror
IKEA Knapper Floor Mirror $60.00

This floor mirror doubles as a hat and keys stand—keep everything in one neat place. Use the hidden hooks in the back of the mirror to hang jewelry, scarves, and purses too.