The #1 Thing to Buy at IKEA If You Live in a Small Space

Updated 01/18/18
Courtesy of IKEA

Decorating a small space can feel like a game of Tetris at times. You can't simply buy furniture because you like the color or style—every item needs to work double duty, offering some form of storage or extra function that justifies its place in the small room. Few retailers understand this frustration better than IKEA, and its upcoming February product drop reminds us why the Swedish brand will always be our go-to for small-space decorating. The new collection is rife with smart finds, but one product, in particular, steals the limelight: the Granboda nesting tables, a set of three dove-gray side tables that offer more surfaces without taking up floor space. The best part? The powder-coated steel set costs just $59.

Courtesy of IKEA

Like the best small-space products, it offers multiple functions. "Use the tables as three separate side tables, or as one long coffee table," the IKEA release suggests. "They have a surface that's durable and easy to clean and the smallest table even has a higher edge giving the possibility to store away any clutter or small items, even the remote control." Smart, right? The Granbody nesting tables will be available in February.

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