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10 Easy IKEA Nightstand Hacks You Have to Try

ikea nightstand hacks


A bedroom is a special place—one that you retreat to every night and wake up to every morning—so needless to say, it must boast personal touches at every turn, from the color of your walls to the details of your nightstand. And speaking of your nightstand, that's quite possibly the one piece of furniture that can make or break any bedroom setting.

A nightstand anchors your bedroom, so the size, color, and style must be perfect. But, when mass production feels out of place in such a personalized space, a DIY project is sure to turn things around. You'd be surprised how a can of paint and some new drawer pulls can make a generic piece feel right at home in any space.

And where do you turn when you're loaded with Pinterest inspiration and a handful of tools? The mecca of all DIY-friendly furniture pieces—IKEA, of course. Ahead, 10 genius ways to hack an IKEA nightstand to feel right at home in your favorite room. 

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Panel Discussion

ikea nightstand hacks


Furniture with hand-carved designs or decorative panels on the front can be expensive. One of the simplest yet most effective ways to bring character to a plain nightstand is to embellish it with decorative panels. 

O'verlays, a company that provides paintable panels conveniently sized for popular IKEA pieces, is the perfect place to start your project. Just glue them onto the facade of your nightstand for a totally new look.

If you're looking to create a truly unique look, paint them in a different, contrasting shade from the rest of your nightstand.

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Pull It Off With Drawer Pulls

ikea nightstand hacks


The drawer pulls that come with your IKEA furniture always make your pieces feel generic. Swapping them out for pulls that boast more design style is a surefire way to make any nightstand feel custom and right at home in your space. Choose anything from geometric shapes to metallic finishes, long profiles, or short handles.

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Lean Into Leather

ikea nightstand hacks


When your personal style takes on a less-is-more approach, a leather drawer pull is by far the best thing you can do to elevate a simple single-drawer nightstand. Attach a folded piece of leather with a single nail for a gorgeous utilitarian look. We suggest keeping the nightstand in its original light wood state for a minimal look that looks super expensive.

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Work With Woodgrain

ikea nightstand hacks


If you've picked up a wooden drawer set from IKEA and you're looking to give it some life, consider staining the fronts of the drawers with a warm-colored stain and contrasting them with a fresh coat of paint on the frame. A bright shade of white makes your woodgrain pop. Finish off the look with a brand new set of drawer pulls, like these long brass ones.

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Lose It Over Marble

ikea nightstand hacks


Marble is expensive and heavy—aka not the most realistic for a fourth-floor walk-up—but if we're being honest, it's also too pretty to pass up. When you want the look for less (both in weight and in price), a simple peel-and-stick contact paper transforms any nightstand top to look like the real thing. Just be sure to find one in a shiny finish for a passable faux. Who said you couldn't have it all?

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Make It Sweet With Cane

ikea nightstand hacks


The cane trend (a natural material featuring an iconic woven pattern) transcends various styles, from boho style to rustic, and feels timeless enough to grace your bedside for years to come. A sheet of cane paneling on the front of your nightstand drawer is just what you need to make any piece feel lighter and warmer.

The edges do tend to fray, so be sure to compensate with a frame of sorts around your cane panel. Four pieces of wood painted to match your drawers will do the job beautifully.

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Make It Midcentury

ikea nightstand hacks


Anything with tapered legs and a sleek silhouette can pass for midcentury modern with the right approach. A dark stain, brass drawer pull, and black tops make this IKEA buy feel like a thrifted gem. Just be sure to read the instructions on your staining agent carefully for a flawless finish.

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Paint on a New Face

ikea nightstand hacks


A single can of paint can make all the difference in the look and feel of your nightstand, not to mention the rest of your bedroom. For an expensive feel, try a tonal look. We love how this bedroom styles various shades of teal, from the nightstand, walls, and curtains to create a serene and stylish retreat. You may have to start the process with some light sanding, and just be sure to read the label on your paint to be sure it's suitable for your nightstand. A set of fun drawer pulls and a contrasting woodgrain top helps tie the entire look together. 

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Play the Flute

ikea nightstand hacks


The popular fluted look (can also be referred to as ribbed or grooved) is a fantastic way to add texture to a room and give a slight nod to Art Deco glamour. The only problem is it can cost a pretty penny to get your hands on a fluted piece. The good news is it's easy to recreate the look on a dime.

While some DIYers opt for cutting, lining up, and gluing a series of wooden dowels on the surface of their project, you can also pick up a sheet of pole wrap at your local hardware store. The material is flexible, easy to cut, and naturally boasts a fluted look. Just cut to the size of your drawer and use wood glue to attach.

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Hit the Matte

ikea nightstand hacks


Creating high contrast of any sort is your one-way ticket to high drama. Personally, we love the idea of contrasting finishes, like this matte black paint paired with metallic brass drawer pulls. Perfect for glam and contemporary interior settings, this pairing always makes for an eye-catching design style. For a perfectly matte finish on your nightstand, be sure to follow instructions on your paint exactly.