IKEA's New Restaurant Lets You Cook Your Own Dinner

Spending the day at IKEA shouldn’t be as fun as it is, but somehow the Swedish furniture giant has managed to turn the process of buying a lamp into a fun-filled day fit for the whole family. Now the retailer has added another excuse to spend the day in its blue-and-yellow megastores—a build-your-own-meal pop-up restaurant that epitomizes IKEA’s DIY ethos.

The Dining Club will be the first of its kind when it opens its doors to the public in IKEA’s Shoreditch, London, location. Patrons will be encouraged to tap into their inner foodies by preparing inventive dishes for brunch, lunch, or dinner. Professional chefs will supervise these madcap cooking sessions to ensure that the final products are up to IKEA’s lofty standards. This will all take place in a homely kitchen designed by IKEA, where diners can host as many as 20 guests. The experience is meant to mimic an actual dinner party, minus the cleanup. 




“With people spending less time cooking and eating together in the U.K., IKEA are giving the foodies, wannabe-cooks, kitchen-novices and fine-diners the chance to express themselves and impress their friends in a restaurant where they will have their very own sous chef and maître de,” the company said in a press release.

No word yet on whether IKEA plans on expanding its new eateries worldwide, but if the scarcity of reservations is any indication, expect The Dining Club to be coming to an IKEA store near you.

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